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  • Probably on the day that that you won,

  • Oliver, and you were on the front page of the Globe

  • there were a fair number of people

  • who if they had seen you that day would

  • recognize you but, it's not like

  • being a rock star, largely your

  • forgotten. In a way, there is something a

  • bit strange about the whole thing

  • because, you know, I'm the same person I

  • was the day before. Suddenly demand has

  • gone from zero to quite high. I've never

  • actually been able to bring myself to

  • tell a fully booked restaurant [laughing]

  • that maybe they want to

  • give me a seat.

  • My work has been particularly about how

  • in a situation where you can't specify

  • everything, it's important,

  • who has the right to decide on the

  • things which are left out. When you make

  • a discovery or you do a piece of work,

  • you might be very excited, but you don't

  • know that anybody else is going to take

  • it up.

  • Eric is an extraordinarily talented

  • person, he's a multi-talented person,

  • which I'm not.

  • He's a fantastic musician, because I've heard

  • him play, he's a great cook,

  • he's a formidable arguer, which I've

  • discovered to my cost, sometimes. And I'm

  • not like that [laughing]. The argument

  • part you are.

  • Yes, yes, I like to argue, but I knew

  • no economics and I was rather frustrated

  • when I had political arguments with

  • people. They sort of introduced some

  • economic idea and at that point, I lost the

  • argument that I had no idea what balance

  • of payments or something,

  • I just didn't know what it was. And so I

  • thought well you know, you can kill two

  • birds with one stone. In my day,

  • Perry Mason was a very popular TV show

  • and I thought being able to win all your

  • cases and get innocent people off was

  • a great line of work, so I was either

  • going to do that or play the

  • clarinet.

Probably on the day that that you won,

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