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  • This is iPhone 11, the next generation of iPhone, and it is jam packed with great new capabilities.

  • In an incredible new design, Apple just announced the new iPhone 11 5 11 has a beautiful anodized aluminum glass design and that glass it's the toughest ever on a smartphone on the front and back.

  • IPhone 11 comes in six new colors within all new purple, white, yellow, green, black and product.

  • Red Thea.

  • The 6.1 inch liquid retina display with true tone wide color capped a wait and haptic touch and even more places with Iowa's 13 like contextual menus.

  • One of the biggest new features.

  • A new ultra wide camera.

  • This is doing an optical Zoom out two x so you can capture way more without moving.

  • The camera has some other cool new features to you'll see our new immersive camera interface that lets you see outside the frame, hinting at a bigger shot.

  • Then you can simply tap to switch to the ultra wide, revealing more of your scene.

  • Let's talk about night mode.

  • This is for those very low light environment, like outdoors at night or inside a dimly lit restaurant and night mode.

  • comes on automatically when it's dark enough to brighten photos and reduce noise.

  • Also on the front camera, we've added four K video with extended dynamic range of the 30 frames per second, and you can also capture on the front at four K 60 as well.

  • And if you're into SELFIES now, we've also added slow motion video to the front camera for the first time.

  • The iPhone has a new processor, a 13 bionic chip.

  • A 13 is the fastest CPU ever in a smartphone.

  • IPhone 11 will have a battery that lasts an hour longer than the iPhone.

  • 10 are the iPhone.

  • 11 starts at $699.

  • But if you want something a little more powerful, Apple also debuted the new iPhone 11 pro and 11 Pro Max.

  • It comes in two sizes, 5.8 inches and 6.5 inches.

  • They have the highest pixel density of any display Apple makes.

  • In addition to that, it has the spatial audio sound the Cayenne told you about is HDR 10 double vision, Dolby Atmos.

  • So we decide it's worthy of a new name.

  • We call it Super Retina XDR display.

  • Apple says the iPhone Pro will last four hours longer than the iPhone 10 s with the max model lasting five hours longer were also including our fast charge 18.

  • What adapter in the box.

  • You can charge them all faster, too.

  • Both models come with three camera lenses on the back with the telephoto camera on the ultra wide, you have the ability to zoom into times and zoom out two times.

  • That's a four X optical zoom range.

  • With these three cameras, you have incredible creative control.

  • S v P.

  • Phil Schiller spotlighted a camera feature called Deep Fusion coming to the phones later this fall.

  • When you press the shutter button, it takes one long exposure.

  • And then in just one second, the neural engine analyzes the fuse combination of long and short images, picking the best among them, selecting all the pixels and pixel by pixel going through 24 million pixels, toe optimize for detail and low noise like you see on the sweater.

  • There it is.

  • Computational photography, mad science.

  • Now let's talk about video.

  • We actually paired the three cameras right at the factory, calibrating for color and exposure so you can do things like edit a video for exposure, color, temperature, even cropping and scaling right in the palm of your hands and shoot with multiple cameras at the same time, giving filmmakers even more options.

  • So this is iPhone 11 pro.

  • In addition to the triple camera system, a 13 bionic, longer battery life faster charging new designs is also faster cellular better water resistance, stronger glass on so much more.

  • We think this is the most exciting iPhone we've made yet as for pricing and availability, so iPhone 11 Pro will start at 9 99 an iPhone 11 pro max it just $100 more a 10 99.

  • You can pre order all of them starting this Friday at a new time.

  • 5 a.m. Pacific Daylight time, though I'll start shipping on September 20th.

  • So this is our lineup.

This is iPhone 11, the next generation of iPhone, and it is jam packed with great new capabilities.

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Watch Apple Unveil The New iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max

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