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  • I don't really even think to was talking about from an injury standpoint.

  • I think he's just talking about the mental aspect of everything and maybe how sometimes you take things for granted and you think so.

  • You know, protecting himself out on the field, the style of play, the way things went at Alabama in terms of of his style of play, not sliding, not doing some things that he probably would have done had he thought differently.

  • Because when you're when you're too and you're coming from Hawaii and you're just dominant and you, you see Marcus Mariota, a guy that was is from Hawaii, that you kind of idolized and watch grow up and become a rock star in Oregon and go on to be a Heisman guy in the in, the in, the top pick in the draft and all of those sort of things.

  • Sometimes you just kinda just sit back and chill, and that's kind of from from just knowing from a Polynesian culture, being around and having many friends from being out West.

  • They everything is just kind of reserved, and chill is like they know there's no stress that sets in at all, And so I think that's what he's talking about from from that standpoint, you know.

  • But when you look at it, I think he can get back to being to, uh, the football player, no question about it, but this goes into a deeper conversation.

  • The the Miami Dolphins have to do like some of these other teams with young quarterbacks.

  • Go out and get him a bona fide big time wide receiver, and they got a lot of capital do that.

  • They'll be able to do it with a lot of draft picks that they have accumulated.

  • When you think about a team like Buffalo, they went out and got cold.

  • Beasley from the Dallas Cowboys and Free agents.

  • See, then they transfer.

  • They traded for Stefon Diggs.

  • You think about the Arizona Cardinals and DeAndre Hopkins along with Kristen Kirk, or you think about what they did with for Russell Wilson and D.

  • K.

  • Metcalf, or you think about what the Rams deal with young Jared golf.

  • In deciding that we're gonna go get Robert Woods, we're gonna draft Cooper Cup.

  • We're gonna get Reynolds.

  • They just continue to keep building with young quarterbacks.

  • That's something Jay that the Dolphins certainly have to do if they want to see a guy like to a continue to progress within their offense.

  • I agree with you, you know, listening to him obviously talk about some aspects of rehab about his hip and about going to physical therapy and continue to build in that category.

  • I think all that makes sense.

  • But I don't think, too, was talking about anything physically.

  • I think when you become injured, when you see the game potentially being stripped away from you, you can never be the same.

  • It gives you an alternate perspective like I've been through this like I was able to make it back on the court.

  • Not the same way, obviously, is what I was before.

  • But still there's an appreciation that you have, and I go back to that picture that we had of to a laying on the field by himself, taking all that in just recognizing there was a chance I may not ever be here.

  • Can you know about this?

  • We've seen guys get hit the wrong way.

  • We've seen quarterbacks get hit the wrong way, word that's it's over.

  • So we like the plan in this society, right?

  • In five years, I'm gonna do this.

  • I'm sure everybody.

  • When your rookie you come into the league, right, here's my five year plan.

  • I get through the first couple of years and I'll be on my way or I'll be a Super Bowl champion.

  • And for him, that plan almost went out the window like that.

  • You know, he never almost had a chance to have a plan.

  • So you never approached anything the same way that you used to before the injury occurred.

  • The injury happened in tour was the number one rated quarterback from beginning, right?

  • He was supposed to be the guy off the board, and all of a sudden there's a guy named Joe Burrow who emerges.

  • And then there was a guy named Justin Herbert who's going to face in the same draft class.

  • They go 12 and three.

  • He's gonna see him this weekend, and the luxury about Justin Herbert is he went to 18.

  • That had some receivers there in Keenan Allen and Mike Williams, big time wide receivers in their own right, already there to help Justin Herbert jail as he moves forward.

  • But when you look at it either one of these two teams.

  • Whether the Dolphins would have taken Justin Herbert into it would have failed to the San Diego Chargers, the L.

  • A Chargers.

  • I think both of them would have been in good hands.

  • One thing we should mention if you're not familiar with the picture.

  • After those first couple of passes he threw in the NFL, he sat down on the field.

  • Is J reference right where the game ended, picked up the phone, called his parents and said, Can you believe we're here?

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I don't really even think to was talking about from an injury standpoint.

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