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  • if I'm a football team or I'm running a football team, I want guys about building like Cam Newton, especially vets.

  • Veterans that have had the highs of highs, climbed a mountain, the accountability in the honesty that he has had and he's talked about.

  • Can Onley be good for your locker room?

  • Cam Newton?

  • I have tons of respect for you the way you handled this season.

  • Yeah, I have a tremendous amount of respect for what he's done to, but he has not helped himself as far as being a starter in this league.

  • Like I wanna be honest.

  • Y'all know, I've been on the Cam damn Newton train and I'm still on it, and I hope he finds a job.

  • But the's final games of this season this back half of this season is the most important weeks in Cam Newton's career, not just this season or finding another team in his career, because Cam Newton wants people to look at him as a starter, not some guy to come in as a second string or back up or be a stop gap between making the decision in the draft or not, or even in free agency so I don't hold Cam Newton's expectations to the point of just being on the team or on the roster.

  • We know he's good enough to be on a team in the NFL.

  • We know he's good enough to be a formidable back up, and you could argue that you may have the best one in the league.

  • But the way Cam Newton wants to play football the way he wants to be a starter leader franchise and put them in position to win games, he's going toe have to perform great the rest of the way during the season.

  • I'm a firm believer in that.

  • And let's not forget it wasn't a lot of people clamoring to sign Cam Newton, either.

  • So he understands the position that he's in and this Jets game and the prior week against the Bills goes a long way and trying to make that determining factor for a team out there if it not be the Patriots you guys keep talking about Cam Newton.

  • Meanwhile, the Patriots defense is watching this like because they don't want anyone talking about what they did last night.

  • Frankly, what they've done all season.

  • We've been so obsessed with Cam in this offense and their ups and downs.

  • His defense is not what they were.

  • A huge part of the reason why the team has struggled.

  • They went from being statistically the best defense in the NFL last year to a bottom 10 unit.

  • By many metrics.

  • Last week, the Bills ran all over them.

  • This week, Joe Flacco threw on them like it was 2014.

  • I mean, he was averaging over 10 yards per attempt at a passer rating of 1 28.

  • I saw coverage breakdowns.

  • I saw Jaycee Jail for J.

  • C.

  • Jackson, who is normally very good, get absolutely toasted.

  • A couple of times.

  • The Patriots we were promises here, or I guess, the best possible integration of the Patriots.

  • We're gonna play ball control offense and good discipline.

  • Defense on Lee.

  • One of those things happened last night, and it was not on defense.

  • Yeah, you know, back to Marcus's point to about Cam playing for his career right now.

  • Up next, they've got the Ravens.

  • They've also still got the Cardinals left on their schedule.

  • The Chargers, the Rams, the Dolphins, who knows the bills again, and then those jets again so interesting to watch how Cam handles the rest of this year.

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if I'm a football team or I'm running a football team, I want guys about building like Cam Newton, especially vets.

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The biggest takeaways from the Patriots' victory over the winless Jets | NFL Live

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