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  • T What's most familiar?

  • What's most different?

  • It's great to be back.

  • It's great to be back here, to be able to play in the Masters again at Augusta National.

  • It just unlike any other property in the world.

  • What's different as the time of year we've never done this way.

  • We've never had a master's in November.

  • It is very different.

  • The run up to this event is very different.

  • Normally we have the Florida swing and the normal run up, but this is unlike any other years we've ever had in our lives.

  • So it Z it's a gummy unusual for all of us, and we're gonna go through it together.

  • You've prepared one way for a couple of decades through the set of months.

  • You just referenced to get to this point.

  • Flip that.

  • What's the challenge?

  • The challenges that we've never had a run up like this and the preparation is very different.

  • We've way won't look like we weren't looks like and we're gonna have this event.

  • So the fact that we're able to have this opportunity to be able to play in it, um it's great.

  • But also the run up has been very different.

  • Um, the course set up is different.

  • You know, the having the Bermuda the way it is.

  • Um, and the rise not quite taken hold yet.

  • A lot of shots are a little bit different around the greens.

  • Three greens, air, not the bumper run shots are not really there anymore.

  • A lot of pop ups and, um, guys air are taking divots, and there are a lot of deficit running around the greens, which we normally don't see.

  • Um, but that's the way it's gonna be on the entire week.

  • The emotions still rise up wine about last year.

  • Well, Tom, it just the it gives me chills.

  • Just you know, every time I talk about it just because of the fact that it was it was so hard the fight to come back on, uh, Thio to go through the entire process, that I had to go through Thio come back toe, uh, to win again and then tow win another another major championship.

  • You know, I fell on my face a couple times.

  • You know, I lost that Carnoustie when I had the lead.

  • I got beat by brooksie asses in ST Louis and and then all of a sudden here I am.

  • You know that in the final round, which, in the final group what?

  • I wasn't gonna be in that group unless we went to threesomes.

  • It was gonna be Antoni and Frankie.

  • Um, but the fact that we went in threesomes the fact that we went off early, I was able to be in the final group.

  • And I've never won a major championship coming from behind those two back And it was able Thio sneak out of wind Finally gotta ask college Game day comes to Augusta National.

  • It's awesome.

  • React what we're gonna be there gonna be on the par three cars.

  • That's gonna be awesome reaction when you heard it and why you think it works?

  • Well, I just think it's awesome.

  • I mean, with the fact that you know, they're gonna have her be over there.

  • Um, you know, Fowler and all the guys you know, talk about college football.

  • Okay, First of all, we're not talking about March madness, you know, right now, you know, at the Masters, now we're talking about college football.

  • And so it's the fact that we're having sports is awesome, but also also have college game days even is even more awesome.

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T What's most familiar?

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Tiger Woods describes the differences of Augusta in November | 2020 Masters

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