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  • Brett Farr says what he says now Peterson has to respond.

  • Watch the story in your mind.

  • Look, this team is much different than it was when Nick Foles was there.

  • It's a totally different composition, both on offense and defense and special teams.

  • So to automatically now say, because Carson is struggling, that they should have stuck with Nick and things would be much different Right now.

  • I mean, quite honestly, I think that's ridiculous.

  • I mean, there's plenty of people now who also think that since Nick has been in Jacksonville and now been in Chicago, that he isn't really that good and he's not even a starting quarterback.

  • There's some people think he needs to be benched right now because he was never a starting quarterback.

  • So what does that tell eso?

  • Look, I mean, all this is right now is this is just kind of revisionist history, because it's easy right now that this pile long Carson and everyone knows Carson needs to play better.

  • Everyone knows the hero ball stuff has to stop.

  • Everyone knows that.

  • Everyone also knows that his offensive line is decimated.

  • He doesn't have the same receiving corps, you know, from week to week.

  • And the defense when you're talking about playing complementary football, winning football games is nothing like it was during that Super Bowl run.

  • They don't have the same kind of depth at all, and there has been a coaching drain on this football team to a certain degree, and you can debate whether or not that's having an effect.

  • Also, there's so many things differently that are different than from the time that that Nick was there, that it's really it's It's like Who cares anymore about what Nick would have done or if he would have been better?

  • It doesn't even matter.

  • Also, it is just talk.

  • That's all it is.

  • That's clearly true.

  • And yet the talk doesn't go away for whatever reason.

  • And so Damien Woody again, I'm going to you.

  • Because before this season began, you made a bold prediction on this show that you thought that once would get benched This year.

  • That was at a time when other people were predicting it might be the M V p of the league.

  • So you tell me what's gone wrong for Carson Wentz this season?

  • Uh huh, Well, green and listen.

  • There's a combination of things.

  • Obviously, Lewis spoke upon it.

  • You know, the the personnel on offense is just drastically different, whether it be the office of line players missing on officer line.

  • Skill position players haven't been available to the quarterback, but also a big part of it is just the quarterback.

  • Listen, no one could deny Carson Winston's talent.

  • We all see it on the field, but the fact that he goes out there and one play, he makes a spectacular play and then he'll follow it up with a couple of places like, What the hell are you doing?

  • You know the hero ball through, you know, trying to run around actually like bread Far, you know, run around and trying to throw these crazy plays, and then it ends up in a bad mistake's.

  • You just can't do that, especially the amount of money that the Philadelphia Eagles are paying you.

  • You just can't do that until he eliminates that.

  • There's I'm sticking by.

  • There's gonna be there's gonna be people clamoring for the back up to come in at some point.

  • Yeah, Jalen hurts.

  • Remember they drafted in the second round, but I'm glad he said, that because I was actually thinking it.

  • If there was a quarterback that I would think far would like it would be Carson Wentz because there is certain he's certainly much more similar than Nick Foles is.

  • Yeah, but no one likes what they see when they look in the mirror.

  • You're always annoyed by the person who acts like you has tried to take his place.

  • So yeah, I could understand why he would look at that and say, No, that's not what I really that's not the type of quarterback that I would want to bring in.

  • But I got a bone to pick with Lewis because he just came in and took everything.

  • All the good stuff, Frank, right?

  • They need to bring him back.

  • He talked about changing off.

  • Like I know Thanksgiving is coming up, but you can't take all the smorgasbord.

  • You gotta leave Alison's for me.

  • Jeez, but I would say E is greedy.

  • I would say that they made the right decision at the time when they made the decision, given the information that they had, and right now it still seems like they made the right decision.

  • Both of these quarterbacks, right now playing like bad quarterbacks.

  • When you got to bad quarterbacks, you take the young bad quarterback because there's potential that he will get better.

  • Fair enough very quickly because they play in this ridiculously bad division.

  • They likely will make the playoffs this year.

  • In your opinion, do they have the right guy?

  • I mean, in Philadelphia, long term.

  • Will they?

  • Will they be building around Carson Wentz as they rebuild this thing?

  • Wherever it is, it goes into the future.

  • If you were there, would you be doing it?

  • Azam sitting here right now?

  • Yeah, I think they do now that that is subject to change.

  • And there is no question that Carson needs to knock off some of this nonsense, and that's about the nicest way I can put it.

  • He needs to not so much stuff off because he knows better and they're trying to coach him out of it.

  • So it better change it Better change soon, because you don't have, you know, an unlimited amount of opportunity to do this.

  • Yeah, I hate to burst your bubble, but the nonsense ain't going away.

  • He's been doing it for too long, and that's who you Orlowski said it here, he said, I'm tired of hearing Carson Wentz talk about all the things he needs to stop doing.

  • He just needs to stop doing them.

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Brett Farr says what he says now Peterson has to respond.

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