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  • the serial killer Peter Sutcliffe, known as three Yorkshire Ripper, has died in hospital at the age of 74.

  • He had coronavirus.

  • Sutcliffe murdered 13 women across Yorkshire and the north west of England between 1975 and 1980.

  • He was also convicted of the attempted murder of seven other women.

  • This report from our correspondent Danny Savage, contains some flashing images.

  • Over a period of six years, all of these women were murdered by the same man.

  • 13 Families Lives Tort Apart By PETER SUTCLIFFE Wilma McCann was the first to be killed in Leeds in 1975.

  • Her son Richard was just five years old when she died.

  • He believes today brings some sort of closure.

  • I know that there will be many people that welcome this day, and maybe some of them will get some peace.

  • Is the man that took my mom's life so it is significant?

  • It is not?

  • Well, it is a motive in some ways, but I've got my own life.

  • I've got my own family now and let's let's go on with our lives.

  • You with a bit more peace, shall we say, after today, this was in Halifax, where 19 year old bank clerk Josephine Whitaker was killed.

  • Murder scenes were scattered across Yorkshire and Manchester For several years.

  • Women, especially here in West Yorkshire, were scared.

  • Going out alone at night was a real risk.

  • Peter Sutcliffe changed the way people lived.

  • Still, he found victims like Moly, who was an art student in Leeds and survived when Sutcliffe ambushed her.

  • My Tak did shape my life on my outlook.

  • Within a matter of five minutes one side of that time scale, I was a happy go lucky young innocents art student, and after that I became sarcastic and cynical.

  • Andi, I lost trust.

  • Sutcliffe was known to police.

  • He was interviewed nine times, but things never went any further.

  • I'm Jack E.

  • You are still having no look cutting me.

  • That's partly because the police inquiry was famously led down a blind alley by hoax tapes from a man dubbed Were Side Jack.

  • He sent letters and tapes taunting the investigating officers.

  • I have the greatest respect for you, George.

  • Even though he fitted descriptions, it led to the conclusion that Peter Sutcliffe wasn't there, man, as a retired detective, recalls one of the top table officers said.

  • Isaiah Jordi.

  • No, no.

  • What's his name?

  • He said.

  • Peter Sutcliffe.

  • Now listen, boys.

  • Peter Sutcliffe Peter Sutcliffe is not the Yorkshire Ripper.

  • So Sutcliffe carried on killing colleagues at the haulage firm where he worked, knew he was a suspect and used to joke about it.

  • It was a nickname, the river, and used to answer to that sometimes.

  • So it was, you know, it's rather it's rather sort of.

  • It's sad.

  • No, isn't it?

  • When he was eventually arrested for having stolen number plates, he confessed at Jews Bury police station.

  • The public turned out to express their disgust.

  • Sutcliffe was jailed for the rest of his life.

  • He died after contracting covert 19 on refusing treatment.

  • Few, if any, will mourn the passing of a man who destroyed so many lives.

  • Danny Savage BBC News leads West Yorkshire police has apologized for the way some senior officers spoke at the time about some of suck cliffs victims, a number of whom were sex workers.

  • The forces chief constable said that while some of the language and attitudes may have reflected wider society at the time, they were wrong then and wrong Now, many women in the north of England lived in a climate of fear in the late seventies, before Sutcliffe was arrested.

  • A czar Special correspondent Lucy Manning reports.

  • Wilma McCann, Emily Jackson, Irene Richardson, Patricia Atkinson, Jane McDonald, Gene Jordan, Yvonne Person, Helen Writ, CA Vera Mill Ward, Josephine Whitaker, Barbara Leach, Marguerite Walls, Jacqueline Hill.

  • Everyone remembers Peter Sutcliffe name.

  • How many remember, there's what no one forgets from the time is the terror felt by women for a 17 year old in Leeds when Sutcliffe was left free to kill, it was a fear Michelle Teal couldn't shake on with no more bowel phones.

  • So you couldn't ring to say I don't feel safe for anything.

  • You need nothing.

  • So my mom used to time it, knowing when I'd roughly becoming home and she would walk halfway to meet May.

  • But it waas a scary, scary time.

  • All of us were so aware of this case to the point of actually suspecting friends, neighbors, relatives.

  • Joan Smith reported on the murders suffered nightmares after she wrote about the misogyny of the police investigating.

  • They kind of thought that the women who were involved in the sex trade were asking for it in inverted commerce on.

  • They were much more interested in the innocents women on I thought they missed.

  • The central point was that what he hated was women.

  • Do you think anything has changed for women since that time in terms of policing what it changed with women's attitudes.

  • It kicked off the reclaim the night marches, women saying, Why should were the victims?

  • Why should we be the ones you stay at home on?

  • This was an absolutely foundational event for a former Yorkshire Evening Post journalist at the time of the murders.

  • It boiled down toe.

  • One thing I would say there was institutionalized misogyny.

  • The victims who survived had all said he had a local accent, but they didn't take any notice of those people.

  • Andi, if they had listened to the women, you know, maybe he would have caught being caught sooner.

  • Very violence against women is taken more seriously now, but few accused of rape are charged, and convictions for that and domestic abuse are down.

  • The murder in 2000 and six of five women in Ipswich who were daughters and mothers but also worked as prostitutes, shows vulnerable women are still at risk on when the serial rapist John War Boys was to be released two years ago.

  • It was the victims themselves who had to campaign to keep him in prison.

  • Theo in the late 19 seventies.

  • It wasn't just a few weeks when women were scared to go out.

  • It was five years on.

  • Today, there are still women who feel unsafe not just on the streets, but often in their own home.

the serial killer Peter Sutcliffe, known as three Yorkshire Ripper, has died in hospital at the age of 74.

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Yorkshire Ripper serial killer Peter Sutcliffe dies of coronavirus in hospital - BBC News

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