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  • By now, you surely know we have an extra death battle.

  • Coming soon.

  • A special edition battle royal featuring the seven from the Amazon original Siri's the Boys.

  • It's gonna be awesome.

  • Today's video covers the after mentioned boys themselves, but as criminal vigilantes can be a triggering subject.

  • We have been instructed to first introduce you to the youngest member of the superhero team.

  • This is Starlight.

  • Starlight is quite literally, a new light amongst the heart and experienced veterans of the seventh.

  • By absorbing electricity from nearby sources, she can emit beams of light emitting plasma.

  • Look too closely and you might be blinded by her brilliance.

  • She's skilled in taekwondo, and like most of the soups except the Do Show over there, she's super tough.

  • Like when she took two straight shots to the chest from a Sirbu PMG 50 rifle and got right back up and you can pick yourself up to with whisking care by starlet.

  • Well, what did I just read?

  • Unfortunately, this rookies early days with seven weren't the kind ist as she found herself among a bad crowd.

  • The same people who murdered her shining teammate Translucent Billy Butcher mother's milk give me go, you, Campbell and this guy who has not yet been identified on.

  • We're pretty sure he's fringe.

  • Imagine men on the run wanted across the world, their faces memorized by every officer in every precinct but, most importantly, hunted by the seven themselves.

  • These criminals aren't men there, boys on girl and the girl, 33rd inclusive.

  • They aren't special there.

  • Nobody's like Huey.

  • He's a normal everyday salesman at some Dickie Elektronik store who just took a collateral incident.

  • A bid to personally eso What if a soup splattered your girlfriend all across the pavement?

  • But lawyers let us know he's not legally responsible?

  • No, just to prove there's no bias on our part.

  • Mother's Milk is a family man.

  • Frenchy is a victim of abuse, looking after others, and Kimiko is a refugee hiding from terrorists.

  • And yet these slums decided to assault our country's finest.

  • I mean, the superheroes, all thanks to their leader, the diabolical Billy Butcher.

  • He's a violent lunatic, and he's not even a real American.

  • That's what the accent, what's with yours?

  • That must be why he hates Homeland er so much.

  • I mean, it's not like homeland.

  • Er is the bad guy.

  • He's a perfect boy scout who grew up playing catch with his father.

  • Like a normal, totally sane person.

  • He's gonna fuck back.

  • Laser, you goddammit!

  • Laser!

  • Every fucking one of you.

  • Which she definitely isn't.

  • He's fucking crazy!

  • Damn right.

  • Screw this.

  • I don't care what they have on us Fought.

  • Can't make him sick.

  • Thistles!

  • The end of today's program Tune in next week for the complete battle Royal Experience where our heroes will destroy villains with the power of truth and justice.

  • This will not interfere with it previously expected death battle schedule.

  • Also, do not forget to watch the Amazon original.

  • Siri's The boys on Lee on prime video.

  • Have a wonderful day.

By now, you surely know we have an extra death battle.

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Billy Butcher & the Boys cut into DEATH BATTLE!

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/14
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