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  • After Week nine, ESPN's FBI gave the Titans over a 70% chance to win.

  • Now, these teams have played Week 10, and that has flipped the Colts, now a 57% chance to take home the crown.

  • And so we begin the questions here and let me start Ryan Clark with you as we watch it last night.

  • I'm old enough to remember when we were talking about the Titans as a team that could wind up in the Super Bowl.

  • What the heck has happened?

  • Listen, the Tennessee Titans need to get Lifelock because there was an identity theft last night.

  • When you think of the Tennessee Titans, you think of being physical.

  • In the run game, you think of playing good defense.

  • You think of being good on special teams.

  • That's what a Rabel Mike Vrabel football team is supposed to be.

  • But they weren't that.

  • You think of a quarterback that makes all the efficient plays and protects the ball.

  • We watched that happen with the Indianapolis Coats, so we saw the Tennessee Titans get beaten at their own game.

  • They couldn't stop the run.

  • The short passing game for the Indianapolis Coats got rolling and they did come up with some big stops on the goal line and some fourth down stops.

  • But the Indianapolis Colts moved the ball up and down the field on the Tennessee Titans and this beginning to be a problem for this Mike Vrabel football team.

  • They don't stop people.

  • The only team that they stop is the Chicago Bears.

  • But right now, Bart, me, Nico, Brody and Kim can get out there and stop the Chicago Bears.

  • And so, if you are the Tennessee Titans, if you're Mike Vrabel, you're getting to a critical point in this season.

  • You have to turn things around or you will be starting.

  • You start to question whether or not you are a good as we thought you were, or even if you thought you were when you were five and no.

  • For the record, Brody is Nico's new puppy.

  • I noticed you mentioned the dog and not be in the defense.

  • They're all right.

  • No, no offense taken.

  • Uh, let me bring me.

  • We just showed the Colts now 57% chance of winning the division.

  • These teams play each other again in two weeks.

  • So who you got when it all finishes up here at the end of the season going to be into your Tennessee winning that division.

  • I'm going with Indianapolis.

  • I just think that they're in an upward trajectory.

  • You look at Tennessee.

  • They started out hot, Um, and look there, fizzling out a little bit.

  • They look Thio, not have an identity.

  • We understand they want to run the ball with Derrick Henry, But you can't win football games.

  • Completing 15 passes with Ryan Tannehill and you can't count on Derrick Henry to run for 200 yards a game.

  • So he's gonna have toe.

  • They're gonna have to get back to what they do best.

  • That's pound the ball with their Henry.

  • Hope that he can have a great game and then play action pass with Ryan Tannehill and they gotta play defense and they gotta play special teams because hats off to Raven Trone, the special teams coordinator for the Colts.

  • They came out there, they pressured the punt team.

  • They didn't have their starting punter out there, he shanks upon.

  • That's the That's the swing in the game.

  • Those two plays on special teams, the blocked punt for a touchdown, the shanked punt.

  • That's what turned this game around.

  • So hats off to the cold special teams unit.

  • They actually came out to play Tennessee.

  • They're nowhere to be seen 100% right.

  • But by virtue of their fast start this year, Tennessee gave themselves a little wiggle room.

  • So who you got Tennessee or India?

  • In the long run?

  • I tell you what I got.

  • I got Tennessee by hair.

  • I mean, yesterday it was pivotal so they could pull it closer.

  • But when I look at the remaining schedule, look, the Coast just They play Tennessee again.

  • But they have Green Bay, Pittsburgh, the Raiders, and they have Tennessee again.

  • So I'm going to say that.

  • You know, the Tennessee Titans have a better opportunity.

  • They have to shore up their special teams.

  • I think they do that.

  • I will watch the waiver wire, see if they can improve on the position.

  • Yeah, they've had a terrible season kicking.

  • Obviously, Gostkowski going all the way back to the opener has really struggled.

  • So that's where it begins on this football Friday with an interesting game on Thursday night.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

After Week nine, ESPN's FBI gave the Titans over a 70% chance to win.

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The Colts stole the Titans' identity and beat them at their own game - Ryan Clark | Get Up

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