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  • about a month back, I noticed this one guy was all over my twitter feed.

  • I saw him chugging beers and downing a whole bottle with a tornado spin.

  • Everyone was sharing his videos.

  • I noticed people call him the King.

  • I wondered who is this man?

  • And how did he get so famous?

  • Outside of China with Twitter is block.

  • So I went all the way to Hubby to find him.

  • Hello.

  • How are you sure you're a product?

  • Mhm Given became King.

  • He had already found them on quite a show.

  • A short video platform in China, similar to tic tac.

  • Easy to navigate, even for users Who on smartphone savvy, quite sure has been most popular in China, smaller cities and towns offering a window into rural life.

  • But I was still curious.

  • How did he get so big on quite a show?

  • He actually first started breaking bricks.

  • Yeah, well, generation, uh, kind of, uh what kind of a p?

  • A.

  • I started doing a solo shot from a cover artist.

  • Injure Kobe anymore.

  • They don't, uh you kind of, uh e o a.

  • Uh a p O started in tow.

  • E e quite shows user base is mostly rural, so you'll often find antic, stereotypical off farm life from Pakistan's and pranks to eating questionable food.

  • But things got so crazy that in 2018, China's Internet regulator started cracking down on these videos, platforms that quite showing ticktock had to remove so called inappropriate content, and that included binge drinking pound size.

  • Most popular video, which had 12 million views, was taken down In it.

  • He drinks a mix of beer.

  • Ah, high alcohol spirit called baijiu, a rotting and Pepsi Theun.

  • His old drinking videos found new life outside of China, and it happened without him knowing.

  • Don't throw with pure Come in Tokyo.

  • How about you go?

  • Navy are now the neighbor.

  • After a few days off, people sharing his content pangs, I decided to create his own Twitter account, and it gave more than 70,000 followers in less than a month a, uh, copy E E months.

  • But crossing to global fame hasn't been easy, because Internet culture in the West is different.

  • Just a day before I met him, houses stood.

  • Account was temporarily suspended.

  • He believes it was because of a video of himself catching a live chicken which would have been okay in China His fans started a campaign called Free Punk died on and within a day he recovered his account time She o a coming about a so cash waas video that video Talek Uh huh.

  • Thank you.

  • Uh, common a common that, uh, Pettis, Uh, a year That's 100 out with a didn't she?

  • Or wait.

  • So dialogue with the higher song J k A single What started pays a, uh, make a phone booth todo they should take brown figure.

  • Oh, yeah.

  • Whoa e o.

about a month back, I noticed this one guy was all over my twitter feed.

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The Chinese Drinking Bro Who Became a Twitter Sensation

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/14
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