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  • Let's talk about the next generation of great quarterbacks.

  • Todd McShay.

  • His latest 2021 draft rankings have Trevor Lawrence still at number one on the list.

  • You know he's missed the last two games.

  • He has two interceptions and 17 touchdowns this season.

  • He's been number one on this list forever.

  • Number two on Todd's list is Ohio State's Justin Fields, second year starter Justus, many passing touchdowns as incompletions.

  • This year, he leads the country in Q b r.

  • I don't look at this.

  • Alabama's Mac Jones has climbed the ranks to become the number five quarterback and his first full season as a starter at Alabama.

  • He has a 16 to 2 touchdown to interception ratio, and he has the tide at a perfect six.

  • And, oh, so there are a lot of questions I want to get to hear.

  • McElroy's with us, and here's McShay early on McShay.

  • How close in your evaluations of them right now are Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields?

  • It's getting closer Green.

  • It really is, you know, watching Justin Fields.

  • What I've loved is the fact that he's improved from last year to this year.

  • He improved throughout the course of last season, and I wanted to see is he gonna be a little bit better in terms of getting off of that primary and not having to lock onto his first read and he's doing a little bit better.

  • It's still a weakness.

  • It's still not the strength of his game, but he's big.

  • He's strong, He's smart.

  • He's picking up everything.

  • The Ryan Day, the head coaches is teaching to him one of the best quarterback coaches and teachers in college football, and I've been really impressed with what he's done.

  • So I've moved him up from number five in the preseason to number two.

  • But I still think Trevor Lawrence is the better overall prospect.

  • You can pick holes in both of their games.

  • Trevor Lawrence.

  • You'd like to Seymour Anticipation throws in Middlefield.

  • I told you about Justin Fields, but they're both so talented and they're both so NFL ready at this point and you see the maturity to not just in terms of their progressions and they're reads, but how they're leading and how they're handling their business.

  • I've been so impressed with both of these quarterbacks this year.

  • Yeah, they look like one and two in the draft.

  • But McIlroy I know that you think there's a little more space between them, and I know you put together a tape to show us why I did.

  • And Todd is 100% spot on.

  • We have seen Justin Fields take strides this year on I want to Go Back toe last year, though, just to indicate exactly where those strides need to continue to take place.

  • This was in 2019 in the Big 10 championship game.

  • Look, this is the receivers wide open.

  • Alright, wide open.

  • He's got a left side of the field of work with.

  • He hitches one time too late, the throws behind.

  • And as a result, what would have been an enormous play turns into a catch contact and then kind of sitting around.

  • Then here we go.

  • Just the fields hitches eight times.

  • There's a guy open in the back of the end zone.

  • He's gotta throw it underneath the uprights and allow his guy to make a play on the football.

  • So those air two plays that kind of indicate what Todd was just talking about the anticipation getting locked in on one receiver.

  • We have seen growth.

  • But the growth is not yet to the point in which he can overtake her.

  • Even come within striking distance of Trevor Lords.

  • I'm very bullish, but at this point it's Trevor.

  • A pretty sizable gap.

  • Justin Fields and then everybody else.

  • Fair enough, Including in that everybody else.

  • Now McShay suddenly is Mac Jones.

  • Why has he moved up?

  • And just how good does he look to you at this stage?

  • This is a fun class screening.

  • I mean, you got Trevor Lawrence, that one.

  • You get Justin Fields of two.

  • Trey Lance, who no one's talking about because he plays at North Dakota State.

  • And they had one showcase game, which was the strangest thing I've seen in college football in my life.

  • He's a he's probably number three, but Zach Wilson at BYU is having a huge year, and Mac Jones is coming in and he's pulling to Joe Burrow.

  • You know, I'm not saying he's gonna be number one overall.

  • There's no chance he's not going to be, but he's going from off the radar to, and maybe not even starting is Aziz.

  • Greg well knows that they've got a freshman that was supposed to be the starter and he steps in and refused to lose that job, and he has gotten better and better every single game.

  • He had the two pick sixes against Auburn last year, but bounced back and almost won.

  • That game played great against Michigan, and he's been on fire this year.

  • So those are the five quarterbacks that we could have in the first round this year.

  • That's why I'm so fired up about this year's draft class, because any time you could get five in the first round, you know you got a lot of talent.

  • Teams were really excited about what the prospects are.

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Let's talk about the next generation of great quarterbacks.

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