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  • we saw after weak one.

  • They played the Saints Week one, about 57 58 days ago when they played that game after the game, the first sort of tension between Bruce Arians and Tom Brady, which is growing a little significantly as the weeks have gone on.

  • Remember what Bruce Arian said after Week one, right?

  • The first game, Brady's first game in Tampa in New Orleans, he said, I don't know.

  • I mean, it's not like they ran anything.

  • We weren't ready for it.

  • It's not like we weren't prepared for all this stuff.

  • Yeah, Tom seemed a little bit off and people said, Whoa, that was after Game one.

  • Now, after they lose to the Saints again gets swept, pretty much putting them out of consideration in the minds of many to win the NFC South, Bruce Arians was asked again about the performance of his wide receivers and kind of threw it back on the guy that is supposed to get the ball to them.

  • I really disagree with the way Bruce Arians leads sometimes, and I think that there are certain things that you can say publicly, and I understand we live in this world where we want everybody to be really and raw.

  • But if you do that, then I think you have to be ready for the consequences that that can fracture your relationship with a guy that you need to have a relationship with.

  • Especially considering his past.

  • Where Bill Bell check wouldn't say anything to the media, and you feel like a lot of those conversations were held internally.

  • Tom Brady is a six time Super Bowl champion and three time NFL MVP.

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  • Just felt like the oh my players, I think, though, when you when you talk about fracture relationships and coaches, sometimes coaches send messages through the media to get to you as a player.

  • Um, Mike Evans, I'm sure, was open a lot in the game.

  • There's no question about it, but so was other players that Tom Brady tried to get the football, too.

  • That's why I tried to get him to football.

  • Maybe Mike Evans wasn't the first target on some of the plays that was designed even though he was open.

  • Sometimes you could be the 1 to 2 or three.

  • And if you're the third guy and you're open.

  • But what if the one in the two is open?

  • Now you're read, takes you there, and those guys are open as well.

  • Um, it just depends.

  • Or if he's open, there's pressure to Tom Brady so he can't get him the ball because they're in his face in his lap.

  • Uh, sometimes in the red zone, when they were trying to run fades, you got to give credit the Lattimore because Lattimore wasn't having any of it.

  • He was locking Mike Evans down in the tight red zone on the fade routes.

  • He's seen it a million times.

  • Here it comes.

  • There on the five yard line was the first thing they decided to do.

  • Throw a back shoulder, fades or fade over the top.

  • So therefore, I'm gonna hold my ground from Lattimore.

  • So when you start to look at it, you know you hate to see where coaches become real slick with their tongues, and I hated it as a player.

  • That's why I was always want to fire back because they always tell you in the meetings, Don't you know?

  • They say the first thing they say is I don't read the newspapers, so I don't know what any of you are saying And then they come to the meeting and they say, Well, you know, I don't like when people say, Well, I thought you could read the newspapers, man.

  • And they do that slick stuff and I think Tom Brady will react differently next time out.

  • He'll certainly respond.

  • I mean, you think about the way they've done things.

  • They lose the New Orleans.

  • Then they run a three.

  • They run on three games, go on a three game run, then they lose.

  • In Chicago, they go on another three game run.

  • Now, all of a sudden they lose to the Saints.

  • So maybe they'll go on another three game run history and to respond.

  • That's the way Tom Brady.

  • Oh, probably response.

  • I just feel like this is some really fascinating to watch because I feel like this is that first game.

  • Zubin was the inception point of that relationship.

  • And if that kicks off a relationship, okay, cool.

  • If you're Tom Brady, I think this is different.

  • I recognize what this is.

  • And then it happens.

  • It didn't just happen again after the Saints loss.

  • He had also happened when the whole Antonio Brown scenario was coming together.

  • Do you guys remember that when Bruce Areas was like, Well, the first call didn't come from Tom Brady came from me.

  • Right?

  • So there seems like there is this ego.

  • Hey, it's my ego that's in control of this ship, not Tom Brady's.

  • And that's gonna be fascinating to watch how this continues to move down the road.

  • You said ship ship.

  • Okay.

  • I just wanted to make sure you said ship.

  • It's a great point by U.

  • J.

  • The general manager.

  • Okay, that s H I p ship.

  • Just making sure that's all.

  • Yeah, I got you to your point.

  • General manager.

  • Take whatever Head Coach Bruce Arians and many people believe Tom Brady is the general manager, head coach and the quarterback.

  • We should also, lastly mentioned This may be a very small thing, because I know understand Brady's role in the organization Brady has signed through next year.

  • Bruce Arian signed a four year deal that will take him through 2022.

  • There's 1/5 year option as well.

  • I'm not saying they're on equal footing.

  • I'm just saying that areas could see a day where he's there and Tom isn't.

  • That's all I'm saying.

  • It's going to be OK now whether or not they make the playoffs, that's a different story, but I think their relationship will be okay.

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we saw after weak one.

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