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  • this car is very special because it's made out of all out of waste.

  • Meet Luca, the bright yellow electric two seater it's made from plastics fished out of the ocean, recycled plastic bottles on regular household garbage.

  • It took a group of 22 Dutch students around 18 months to build it, so we wanted to build a sustainable car.

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  • Some point we're editor are 2.1 billion tons of waste every year and all the things that Z that's not necessary.

  • We actually see ways as a very valuable material that can be used in complex applications.

  • So that's why we thought we're gonna build a car out of waste materials.

  • The chassis is built out of flax and recycled plastic bottles.

  • Parts of televisions, toys and kitchen appliances make up the rest, while the seat cushions are made of coconut and horse heads.

  • We start from scratch, so we have nothing and we have to build from well, last year, February until now we have to build this car.

  • So it's just from nothing till this, and we have to think of all of ourselves, and we don't Nobody's ever built a car before, so That's very difficult, of course, but very awesome to do because you learn a lot about it.

  • So that's the outside of, of course of it.

  • Luca could reach a top speed of 56 MPH and contrive for 137 miles When fully charged, the students hope their creation will encourage other companies to follow in their sustainable footsteps.

  • We really hope that other car companies and other companies started using waste materials because, yeah, we really want to show that it's possible in many applications.

  • Andi.

this car is very special because it's made out of all out of waste.

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Carbon Shift: The electric car made from trash

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/14
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