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  • -Hey, guys, it's Friday and that's usually when I take care

  • of some business, you know? Get some things done.

  • But the day got completely away from me.

  • I was -- I was splitting wood all morning.

  • -Really? Splitting wood?

  • -And I completely forgot to write my weekly thank you notes.

  • So I know it's during the show, but if you guys don't mind

  • I'd like to take this time to write out my thank you notes

  • right now, this will only take a moment. Is that okay?

  • James, can I get some music, please.

  • ♪♪

  • Thank you, Pennsylvania election officials,

  • for making sure the only fraud in Philly

  • is a cheese steak from subway.

  • [ Cheers and applause ]

  • [ Chuckles ]

  • ♪♪

  • Thank you, coronavirus vaccine,

  • for being a scientific marvel that will save humanity.

  • Or as millions of Americans put it, that's all good,

  • but when does the gummy version come out?

  • [ Laughter ]

  • [ Chuckles ]

  • Thank you, Masters golfers for showing us the coolest kids

  • in khakis all month.

  • Well, almost the coolest.

  • Kornacki!

  • [ Cheers and applause ]

  • Kornacki.

  • ♪♪

  • Thank you, Friday the 13th,

  • for being the scariest day of 2020,

  • after Halloween, election day,

  • and pretty much all of March, April, and May.

  • [ Laughter ]

  • ♪♪

  • Thank you, IHOP's new family feast meal.

  • Or as most of us put it, "Yes, this is for my family.

  • So I'll share.

  • We're all going to share the feast."

  • Get a little short stack for the table.

  • -[ Laughs ]

  • You know me well. -I'm not even --

  • I'm just going to have fruit salad, that'll be good.

  • We'll get a short stack for the table.

  • -[ Laughs ]

  • -Yeah, been there before. -Yep.

  • ♪♪

  • Thank you, strawberries,

  • for being the only fruit that needs a Bioré pore strip.

  • [ Scattered laughter ] Someone got it.

  • [ Laughter ]

  • I like the delayed laugh.

  • Uh...oh, yeah.

  • ♪♪

  • Thank you, botched restoration carving in Spain,

  • for looking like me at the beginning of 2020

  • and at the end of 2020.

  • There you have it, everybody. Those are my thank you notes.

-Hey, guys, it's Friday and that's usually when I take care

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Thank You Notes: COVID-19 Vaccine, IHOP

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/14
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