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  • So new data has just come out in the UK that the our number here, which expresses how contagious the virus is and how infectious it is, has dropped below one.

  • This is the co vid symptoms study app released by Imperial College that tracks in real time where that our number is.

  • And it's better than any testing trace system that has been failed, um, at by our government, and this shows that even before lock down, the our number was dropping below one.

  • And this is something we've seen over and over again and evidence that our government took this entire country into Tier Four locked down.

  • Which is why London, right now there's no one here.

  • I just took a picture on the tube this morning on the only person in the carriage based on incorrect evidence based on a lack of science, making this another disproportionate response to the virus.

  • It's frustrating when we see a Cambridge universe study with flawed numbers that we can see the data is flawed in real time because the predictions it's making about data today is even wrong, not to mention what happens in the future.

  • That same study numbers were revised down four times lower.

  • Um, after that evidence came out, and yet we're still here in lock down.

  • Nobody thought.

  • Well, wait a second.

  • Maybe we should reverse that because it was bad data.

  • Um, I spent two hours yesterday speaking with Harvard Medical Professor um Dr Martin Cold or who said Brian cases don't matter.

  • Any doctor worth assault never would look at a case, because the more tests you do, the more cases you get.

  • By definition, he said, it doesn't make sense to test anyone below the age of 18.

  • And he said, the general population, it doesn't make sense to test someone who's asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic because that data doesn't tell you anything.

  • And he said, You cannot compare that data to April or May this year because there was no testing happening back then.

  • So to take this figure like we were thrown out yesterday here in England, that 37,000 sorry, 34,700 new cases, a big record is somehow ah metric.

  • That we should use to determine public policy is a massive, massive air.

  • It's it's an abomination.

  • It's an insult, and it's ruining the livelihood of millions of our citizens, the mental health, um, the economy, everything.

  • It's getting crushed because of this number that is meaningless on the doctor went on to say.

  • And said Brian, there's three numbers that matter Hospitalizations, deaths and excess mortality, Excess deaths.

  • Um, from what we're seeing this year to a typical year.

  • And he said, A lot of countries, we're seeing mawr deaths because the shutdown is killing more people.

  • They can't get cancer treatments Pilling more people because of mental health because of physical health because of depression because of drug addiction because of domestic abuse.

  • All of these things were happening and they're riel and yet way.

  • Don't quantify that.

  • We're not looking at that long term collateral damage.

  • All we're looking about is this number of cases, which is the most ridiculous number.

  • But it's on the front page of newspapers every single day, The New York Times, the guardian and all these ridiculous publications whose job it is to scare you to get you, uh, to watch more of their stuff.

  • Um, and unfortunately, our governments have been co opted into the same policy of using that number to determine our future livelihood and continue with Mawr and Mawr of these ridiculous lockdowns and the mayor of London crusaded for campaign for the latest, locked down for weeks and weeks, saying it was quote unquote inevitable.

  • I've never heard a scientific assessment where something was inevitable.

  • It was always based on the science.

  • Our current mayor took all boroughs of London into lock down together because, he says, we must go all as one, all as one into bankruptcy, all as one into mental health issues, all as one into more bailouts for his city.

  • It's frustrating toe watch, Um, but we could see it happening in front of our eyes.

  • And so what we need is new leadership.

  • We need a proportionate response to the virus, which is what Dr Cold orf was talking about.

  • A so faras focus.

  • Protection.

  • Let's protect our elderly.

  • Let's protect those in our care homes.

  • Let's protect our older citizens.

  • Let's protect our older citizens that have toe work.

  • The working class is bearing the brunt of much of this infection, which is just not right, but the younger people need to get back out there.

  • Goto work, live their lives on that's so crucial and it's not being talked about, but I will be talking about it because I want to take London in a new direction.

  • I want to stop with this senseless locked down.

  • I wanna get London back toe work.

  • I wanna put our health first.

  • I wanna put science first.

  • I wanna put family first.

  • I wanna put education first and we can do it quickly.

  • All we need to do is have really leadership that makes intelligent decisions and aren't interest in their lobbyists and their vested interests.

  • And their careers have politicians.

  • That's what these people do their glorified administrators.

  • They have no leadership, they have no vision.

  • And guess who pays for that?

  • You and me way also pay his taxpayers and we will be paying big for what's happening right now on day.

  • It's a shame, and it doesn't need to happen.

  • So leave your comments below.

  • I appreciate your ideas as your next mayor of London.

  • I'm going to change all that.

  • On May 7th, we go in a new direction on, we're gonna make the city world class once again.

So new data has just come out in the UK that the our number here, which expresses how contagious the virus is and how infectious it is, has dropped below one.

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