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  • the Red Sox have rehired.

  • I suppose that's the only way to put it.

  • Alex Cora as their manager.

  • Which means that Cora, who was embroiled in the cheating scandal, and A.

  • J.

  • Hinch who was embroiled in the cheating scandal, have now both found managerial jobs after their one year suspensions.

  • And so, Buster, thank you as always.

  • And I just wonder, have you been hearing a lot of complaint?

  • Have you been hearing a lot of people who think that it is not reasonable that those guys based upon the positions that they held at the time of the scandal, that they would just be able to get right back into the sport once their suspensions were over?

  • It's an interesting question.

  • A, I hear continue to hear lingering anger over the the sign stealing scandal with the Astros in 2017.

  • And at the same time, I think there was an absolute assumption within the industry.

  • The both A.

  • J and Alex would be quickly hired his managers once they served their sister pension because they're the two of the best managers in baseball on that, uh, you know, as we've seen so many situations in the past.

  • In baseball, if you can perform and you're eligible, someone's gonna take a shot at you.

  • Oh, yes, absolutely.

  • And that's not unique to baseball.

  • Let's be clear.

  • That is true in all sports we've seen a lot of Well, I suppose, e I would say we've seen a lot of holding our nose and making these decisions.

  • But usually Buster, those who with players, usually if a player is that good, I'll put up with a lot for a guy who's going to hit 40 home runs.

  • I'll put up with a lot for a guy who's, you know, gonna gonna steal 60 bait.

  • Whatever the thing is, I put up with a lot from a guy who's going to run for 2000 yards, but it's a little different with a coach and a manager.

  • How how is that being received?

  • Uh, generally speaking, I just think that people, uh, felt that it was inevitable that these guys would get back, and I mean, right from the get go, Um, while what the Astros did in 2017 was making other people mad.

  • I don't think anybody thought that they would be held out of the sport indefinitely.

  • Um, and in fact, I you know, there was an assumption along among a lot of rival officials that Alex for sure would go back to the Red Sox.

  • And when you really think about it, Granny, I mean, the Red Sox would have been crazy not to rehire him, because if Hime Bloom, who is going to be in his second year next year of baseball operations, had chosen a first year manager like a sand fold and the Red Sox had struggled next year and Alex Cora was on the sidelines, you talk about especially in a big market like Boston, an intense market.

  • You talk about setting yourself up for criticism.

  • That's why, politically, they almost had to hire him, given how respected he was in the city.

  • Given how much players like him, it's such a fascinating time because you have three managerial hiring going into next season that will be closely scrutinized.

  • A J.

  • Hinch in Detroit and now quarterback with Boston and, of course, the stunning hiring of Tony LaRussa in Chicago that that got a lot of attention locally and they've got a ton of attention nationally for about 15 minutes, and then, as we tend to do, we move on two new things quickly.

  • But I haven't had a chance to talk to you.

  • What has been the reaction?

  • You've heard to that?

  • That people around the sport were absolutely shocked because you've seen the trend in the sport.

  • Um, in recent years.

  • General managers want managers to be closer in age to players because they feel like that.

  • That helps them to relate to players, helps them present analytics to players.

  • Which is why you know, guys like Aaron Boone and Craig Counsell of the Brewers and Alex Cora um, those have been mawr.

  • Typical selections, Um, And so when when Tony LaRussa, at age 76 has managed in nine years was hired.

  • People of other teams are scratching their heads.

  • Now You and I are in a unique position where we know Jerry Reinsdorf, who owns the White Sox.

  • There is no more loyal employer.

  • Then Jerry.

  • And the fact is, is that his decision toe let Tony LaRussa be fired in the 19 eighties, has always not at him, and he's giving him another chance.

  • I don't think any other organization would have hired Tony at that age, given the trends in the sport.

  • Yeah.

  • Ryan's office, The guy who retired Harold Baines number.

  • And now he brings back, um, Tony LaRussa to manage on the south side of team that I think has a lot of potential.

  • All right, Buster, thanks for jumping in here.

  • Have a great weekend, and I will see you soon.

  • Thanks for any talk to you.

  • That's Buster Olney.

  • I just wanted to get a quick moment on that.

  • I just find it interesting, because this is something that goes above and beyond what you think of, um, that particular higher, Whether that's a good fit.

  • Cora, obviously as Buster just explained, is a good fit.

  • He won a World Series in Boston two years ago, and so it's obviously a good fit, but just the idea of here's a manager.

  • He was smack dab in the middle of a cheating scandal.

  • You have the option.

  • You're making the choice to bring him back.

  • That has to be explained.

  • You have to say I knew that he has paid his punishment, which he most certainly did.

  • He paid a significant price.

  • He was lost his job initially and then was thrown out of the sport for a year, so I'm not sitting here in criticism of it whatsoever.

  • I just wondered if he was hearing a lot of criticism from around the world.

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the Red Sox have rehired.

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The Red Sox re-hired Alex Cora, will they face criticism? | #Greeny

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