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  • We watched the Patriots play on Monday night, they squeaked out a win against a terrible Jets team.

  • They're sitting at three and five, and Cam Newton certainly has struggled.

  • So my question to you will put the time on the clock.

  • Is Will Cam Newton be a starting quarterback on any NFL team Week one of next season?

  • Go?

  • No, and and and and it's hard for me to say it.

  • He has not helped himself in any way, and I understood this is his Onley opportunity.

  • This is the only place that was willing to give him a contract willing to allow him to start, But Cam Newton hasn't played well down the stretch.

  • Cam Newton did make some plays against the New York Jets, but not enough plays that say, You know what?

  • We need to build our next three or four years around this quarterback who we know can get banged up who we know has been injured.

  • And so when you look at his play, you look at his history.

  • You look at his injury history.

  • I don't believe a team bets his future on Cam Newton going forward after this year.

  • Yeah, we're talking about a quarterback now, so we're putting more time into the conversation.

  • Azaz.

  • One would expect, Nick, I'll put the same question to you.

  • Do you expect Cam Newton to be a starting quarterback in the NFL next year?

  • I want to say yes so badly, but the answer is no.

  • Everything that he does looks like he's laboring.

  • It looks like he's laboring when he's running.

  • Looks like he's laboring when he is throwing, and it's just it's hard for me to imagine a team looking at him and thinking that he's gonna be a long term option.

  • Obviously, the only argument for it is that he's gonna be a short term option, and it doesn't even seem like he's being that to the degree that I think New England expect him to.

  • So he better turn it up, get a lot better in the next couple weeks or letting the final few weeks or he won't have a chance to start anywhere.

  • Eso that there's so many different ways this conversation could go, but let's just focus on the team that he's on right now.

  • And Dan Graziano.

  • I'm old enough to remember when Jared Stidham was going to be the future of the New England Patriots, and we seem to have forgotten all about that.

  • Are we going to see him this year for the Patriots, and does he have a chance to be their starting quarterback Week one next year?

  • I don't think they've given up on Jarrett Stidham as a possible long term option, but based on where he was drafted, he was never the Onley option.

  • They were always gonna look at other possibilities.

  • So I think if they get eliminated or if Cam Newton gets hurt, you see Jared stood and maybe get a look so they know what they have going forward.

  • But this is a team that's going to be in the quarterback market.

  • There's no question about it.

  • And Cam Newton thio Ryan's point.

  • He hasn't hasn't shown him what he needed to show to get another year.

  • The Patriots in the quarterback market is obviously something that we're not accustomed to, saying so dominate.

  • Why not?

  • Let's have some fun.

  • Who do you think should be the quarterback, the starting quarterback for the Patriots next year?

  • I'm here for the fun.

  • Please do not go to Dan Graziano after this answer because he's gonna ruin it with all his fax.

  • Andrew Luck.

  • Andrew Luck coming out of retirement, The Colts air going to trade him.

  • Andrew Luck taking over New England.

  • Celebrate your back in the Super Bowl hunt.

  • Luckett.

  • Iss.

  • I've been hearing his name.

  • Why am I hearing his name so much like his?

  • Dominique said it, but I don't I don't know what a Zen anybody heard from it.

  • Like there's been nothing from Andrew luck since he retired, right?

  • We don't know where he is.

  • I don't I've not heard anything about him coming back, but it sure would be fun.

  • Someone called up the parody Twitter account.

  • Find out if they're hearing it.

  • Ryan, what about you?

  • Who do you think?

  • That's not the answer I was expecting to hear.

  • Ryan, let me go to you.

  • Who do you believe will be their starting quarterback?

  • Next year?

  • It is gonna be It's gonna be Jimmy Garoppolo.

  • The San Francisco 40 Niners understand his injury history.

  • I think they try to move on and go to a different place at quarterback.

  • There.

  • They believe they've hit their ceiling with who he is.

  • And Jimmy Garoppolo goes back.

  • That's Bill Belichick's guy anyway.

  • He doesn't want it to be special.

  • He wants him to be his dude.

  • And I think that's where Jimmy Garoppolo is the starting quarterback next year because Bill Belichick doesn't want to totally rebuild, but he'll start over with something he's familiar with.

  • Yes, that is the one I was expecting.

  • And for those of you who are with us on Friday, Rob Ninkovich.

  • Former Patriot knows Bill pretty well.

  • That's his expectation.

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We watched the Patriots play on Monday night, they squeaked out a win against a terrible Jets team.

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