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  • Obviously, we hope for the country.

  • Whoever's in charge, frankly, that things get better right in the next six months that we hope that at least by half way through the n b A season, things are better for in terms of coronavirus.

  • But regardless of who's in charge, it's going to take a while whether it is protective measures, vaccines, antivirals, whatever it is, we are having record numbers of two days reported in our country every day on.

  • I don't envy the MBA who has to figure out again how to do this and, frankly, a more difficult tightrope than any other league has had to because they are indoors because of the amount of physical contact.

  • There's no football helmet between guys.

  • They're literally right on top of each other.

  • You guys know, Coach, I'm glad that you don't have to manage 15 guys checking their hotel rooms every day like you better here right now way also want to get to sort of the other part of the Since December 20 seconds now agreed on as the start date, there's a number of different ways to evaluate the benefits right from the short layoff this offseason just 71 days.

  • Once it's all said and done, that is going to be the shortest offseason in the history of not just the MBA but all four major U.

  • S.

  • Sports.

  • So coach Vis, Who do you think benefits the most from a December 22nd tip off?

  • I think if they had foresight and they were really looking ahead toe win, this season was gonna start.

  • I think the Lakers have Really?

  • Yep, I think if LeBron and A D got in each other's here and gotten their teammates here and said, Listen, you can't really party anyway, so don't overdo it on this finals.

  • As much as we love being the champs, the season's gonna start up right away.

  • Let's keep let's stay in great shape, let everybody take care of their bodies and let's come back into this season and hit the ground running and just impose our will on it again and see if we could go get another title.

  • To me, this is a great set up for LeBron because you know, the older he gets, we keep waiting for him to fall off.

  • This starting right away gets him right back into it, and I'm sure he's in great shape.

  • I just don't know if those other guys over celebrate or not, but I think it really benefits of like, you know what?

  • I disagree with that, Coach, because you know why?

  • Because go into the season, they've got to deal with free agency and there's a window for they have a lot of free agents, so they don't have toe.

  • They're gonna have to feel it s so I think the guys we're gonna benefit the most teams that don't have to make those type of moves like Boston Celtics.

  • You gotta figure like this.

  • That's a team that's probably not gonna make any moves.

  • It set up, they're set up, you know, teams that don't have Miami, you know, they got a couple of free agents.

  • Maybe they could sign for one year teams they don't have to make.

  • But you've got teams with full of free agents and you have a short period time with draft coming up.

  • This is a difficult period.

  • You're gonna be rushing to scramble to put your rosters together.

  • And, yeah, I'm not worried about Baker's because as long as you've got a D in LeBron.

  • Yeah, that's what I'm saying exactly, But they still gotta scramble to get feel that team's roster up with the free agent.

  • I think it's gonna be interesting to see that the new head coaches jumping in and how they deal with, like Tea Lu and the Clippers.

  • How does he put his hands all over that team and get them moving quickly so that they could fight for a number one seed?

  • Uh, you know all of these new coaches jumping Doc Rivers, that Philly job is they?

  • They're contending team with Doc Rivers.

  • And how fast can you get them playing his type of basketball?

  • So that's gonna be interesting.

  • I think those teams are probably a little bit behind the teams that we just talked about.

  • But, like you said with a D and Brian, Yeah, I'm not.

  • You can listen.

  • I think I got a shot Shit play zone.

  • Let me bring it up.

  • I'm good.

  • It is.

  • Forget LeBron did say the other day that he's cherry pick LeBron.

  • It's jump in.

  • It's all local.

  • It's fine.

  • Unfortunately, no one in the MBA would ever make a free agency deal before the official free agency.

  • Stay starts.

  • That would never happen in this league, so I'm sure they will be affected by the short window.

  • Nothing has already been negotiated.

  • When is it When does free?

  • I don't start.

  • When does it end well?

  • So the original target date when they thought maybe they would start later in the season, would be was December 1st.

  • But that has always been a soft date.

  • And now, obviously, with training camps starting December 1st on this accelerated schedule, it won't happen.

  • So there definitely are.

  • Adrian were.

  • Danowski reported last night that there was some discussion on the player call of asking if free agency could actually happen before the draft.

  • If you look at that calendar, there's more room before November 18 between November 18th and December 1st.

  • I've been advocating for free agency before the draft for a long time, right?

  • That model makes more sense to me.

  • Teams can go out and see what they could get in free agency and then draft for need.

  • There's no way to do it this season with all of them interlocking math, But maybe in the future we'll see.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

Obviously, we hope for the country.

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