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  • not on Lee.

  • Was he rookie the year seven time All Star.

  • A basketball Hall of Famers, extremely successful entrepreneur and former mayor of Detroit.

  • Of course, I am talking about our guest, Dave being Dave.

  • Thank you so much for doing the program with us tonight.

  • Spending your time.

  • Thank you.

  • I'm looking forward to it.

  • Right.

  • Well, one thing we want to discuss with you is just how active NBA players were this summer in the bubble, dealing with the pandemic and social injustice.

  • And now the election.

  • What did you think about their role in all of this this summer?

  • I was elated to see the engagement by the active players.

  • Um, they got a platform and they really took advantage of the platform.

  • And the positions that they took were not only nationwide, they were global.

  • And so I'm very proud to see what they did.

  • They were leaders.

  • Bingo.

  • How important is it in particular for these black athletes to not only be terrific performers, but also take the opportunity and that stage to be voices for the voiceless in a lot of ways?

  • I think they really took it serious this year.

  • On day took total advantage of the platform that they command.

  • And so there are a lot of people that look at sports azi entertainment.

  • But I think the guys today understand just how powerful their words are in the positions that they take So across the whole n b.

  • A.

  • We had a bunch of guys who stood up and made themselves hers, and I think there were a lot of people out there that followed their lead.

  • Mr.

  • Being the basketball world is focused on next week, eh?

  • NBA Draft the 74th NBA draft.

  • Can you tell us a little bit what your draft night was like?

  • Well, it wasn't exciting like it is today, that's for sure.

  • Uh, you know, they in my era, uh, there was a corn slipped for the for the number one draft choice and the worst two teams.

  • At that point with the New York Knicks and the Detroit Pistons, I assumed that I was gonna be going to the Knicks because I'm a East Coast guy, you know, played in Syracuse, played in the garden quite a few times at the collegiate level, and the number one player in the country was Cassie Russell, right up the road from Detroit and Ann Arbor.

  • And so David Bush, who was the coach of the Pistons at that time, call the Corn flip thinking that he would get Cassie for sure.

  • It didn't wind up that way.

  • New York won the flip.

  • They chose Cassie, and I was the number two pick coming to Detroit.

  • I didn't know anything about Detroit, outside of Motel and outside of the automotive industry.

  • But that pick from me changed my life, and I'm still in Detroit.

  • And I'll tell you for me, I was lucky to be drafted by Detroit.

  • Well, we were very lucky and grateful toe, have you and you know how much I idolize you?

  • Not only by the way you performed on the floor is one of the top 50 players of all time, but also as an entrepreneur and as a businessman.

  • And that's somebody that actually hired me Jay Kobe, at one point in time toe work at being still.

  • So can you talk about how important it is for athletes to not only pay attention to the score of the game, but also the game of life and being entrepreneurs and having careers outside of the game.

  • You know, I think in my error most of the guys didn't think about life after basketball.

  • A lot of them never prepared themselves from an academic standpoint.

  • Or from a financial standpoint, they wanted to use their name.

  • Maybe after playing to sign autographs and that kind of thing, you know, go to golf 20 minutes.

  • But I always wanted to be a non tra your.

  • I wanted to own my own company.

  • I wanted to grow my own company, and I was fortunate enough that that happened for me in Detroit.

  • But I was prepared for it.

  • Um, I remember Jalen.

  • Obviously we go back so many years, it's hard.

  • It's hard to discuss what I feel for you.

  • Also, the things that you've accomplished extremely proud of you.

  • And I've known you and your dad.

  • It was my backcourt mate.

  • And, uh, you know just what you're doing now.

  • And the impact that you're making outside of basketball is tremendous.

  • And so I follow you and there's so many people, not only just in Detroit, but across the country will follow you and your success.

  • So the platform that you have right now has made a big difference to a lot of players both active and retired.

  • Mr Being, you've seen a lot of basketball.

  • You've seen a lot of different errors of MBA basketball and with the Lakers and LeBron James win the championship, it's sort of drudged up this goat conversation.

  • Who's the greatest of all time?

  • Is MJ or Kareem or will to LeBron?

  • Where do you stand on who the greatest basketball player is of all time?

  • The most dominant player would be well, generally the most successful would have been built Russell because of all the championships that you want.

  • But when you look at M.

  • J and you look at LeBron, if I had to choose who I wouldn't wanna play with, I think it would be LeBron on.

  • I say that because LeBron plays there the whole floor the whole game, you know he may not.

  • He was not the kind of score that MJ waas but I think as a consummate player, both ends of the court, you know, the offensive and the defensive end.

  • He did some things statistically that they didn't do that.

  • He you know, he landed leg and assist this year.

  • You know, he's a big guy, so he was a better rebounder.

  • But nobody scored like M.

  • J.

  • I mean, he could take it on anybody.

  • And LeBron I would prefer to play with LeBron.

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not on Lee.

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