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  • Donald Trump's defeat was announced while the president was playing golf on when his campaign was setting up in a gardening firms yard just by an adult bookstore on a crematorium.

  • This story starts with Donald Trump tweeting that there would be a press conference on Saturday morning at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia.

  • People assumed he meant here the Four Seasons Hotel.

  • But another tweet followed with a clarification.

  • No, not the hotel, but Four seasons total.

  • Landscaping, a gardening company in an industrial area on the outskirts of Philadelphia.

  • The Washington Post took in the arc of Donald Trump's presidency with this story headlined It began on a gold escalator.

  • It may have ended at Four Seasons total landscaping.

  • The article quotes the company's director of sales.

  • I have no idea why the campaign wants to do it here.

  • Maybe they saw a satellite image that we have a big back lots and proximity to Interstate 95.

  • Well, whatever the reasons, the Trump campaign had made its decision and set up in the yard.

  • As you can see from these pictures, it was a low key affair, a sign attached to the wall of podium.

  • Some journalists from Trump supporters a few doors down the adult bookstore, Fantasy Island and just across the street from the local crematorium on it was here that President Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, learned that his man had lost.

  • What was it called by all the Oh my goodness, all the networks.

  • Wow, all the networks we have to forget about the law.

  • Judges don't count.

  • Well, Richard Hall, a journalist for The Independent, was there.

  • He wrote this article, which starts.

  • It began with a tweet from the president.

  • It ended with his personal lawyer in the parking lot of a landscaping company struggling to be heard over a man in his underpants shouting about George Soros.

  • And here's how he described that final moment.

  • I think it was around five minutes before Mr Giuliani came out that someone one of the journalists court announcer the race had been called on.

  • Then journalists started to leave.

  • This this big press conference has been called by the president and his lawyers, So it's a very strange scene, and then out in the street immediately outside, you have people starting to celebrate.

  • Trump supporters clash with Biden supports It was it was a very strange place to hear the result.

  • Remember, the press conference has been called to draw attention to the Trump campaign's claims that the election has been stolen.

  • No evidence was offered, but more broadly, it certainly drew attention.

  • Two days on the event at the Four Seasons continues to generate stories from politico use.

  • A.

  • Today, the Atlantic South China Morning Post.

  • The list is a long one, but credit where Credit's due.

  • The Philadelphia Inquirer has been doing a lot of the heavy lifting on this story, publishing a detailed account of the whole thing it tells us.

  • The 78 year old employees manning the counter at the Fantasy Island sex shop said the phone has been ringing off the hooks in Saturday, with Call is asking, Is Rudy Giuliani there?

  • Well, the team of Four seasons total landscaping appears to have taken this in their stride.

  • In response to criticism online, it's posted on Facebook, saying it would proudly host any presidential candidates campaign at our business.

  • Maybe will become a fixture in Pennsylvania.

  • In politics, it's certainly being quick to see an opportunity Go online now and you could buy a range of make America rake again and lawn and order merchandise on While they quite reasonably make the most of the attention, it remains unclear whether the Trump Campaign book the whole thing in error or not.

  • Either way, at 11 24 on Saturday morning, America reached a historic moment, CNN announced.

  • Joe Biden is the president elect Donald Trump play golf, and his campaign was in a car park by Fantasy Island.

Donald Trump's defeat was announced while the president was playing golf on when his campaign was setting up in a gardening firms yard just by an adult bookstore on a crematorium.

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The Trump campaign 'Four Seasons' saga explained - BBC News

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