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  • Let's crack open the sarcophagus and get this unwrapped welcome to watch Mojo.

  • And today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 riel mummies.

  • For this list.

  • We're looking at the most famous human bodies to ever be preserved after death through either natural or artificial means number 10.

  • The beauty of Chow, who she almost seems to be sleeping Beauty of Chow, who also known as the Beauty of Lalonde, is just one of over 160 mummies discovered in China's arid Tarim Basin, some buried in upside down boats with a forest of gigantic polls rising from the Prowse.

  • Although the beauty of chow hoods around 4000 years old, the dry desert heat has preserved even her auburn hair.

  • Many of the other mummies also have distinctly Caucasian features, leading to much speculation about their origin and the early movements of people along the Silk Road.

  • Number nine Rosalia Lombardo, 1918, A broken hearted father approached embalmer Alfredo Salafia in Palermo, Sicily.

  • The man's almost two year old daughter had just died of pneumonia.

  • Salafia agreed to embalm the girl, and she was placed in a glass casket in the Capuchin catacombs of Palermo.

  • While skeptics have claimed the mummy is really made of wax, X ray and MRI scans show otherwise her small body continues to lie at rest in the catacombs so lifelike it sometimes seems to peer out at visitors number eight Hatshepsut.

  • She's been called the queen Who would be king.

  • This female pharaoh ordered statues to depict her with bulging muscles and a false beard.

  • She became queen after marrying her half brother foot most of the second, then regent after his death before assuming the full powers of Pharaoh.

  • Despite a successful rain, many of her statues were later destroyed, possibly by her son or grandson.

  • Discovered in 1903 by real life Indiana Jones Howard Carter.

  • Her 3500 year old body was identified in 2007 thanks to a Mueller tooth that fit into her mouth like a glass slipper onto a slender foot, and therefore, that tooth exactly fit with the money that we found in KV 60.

  • Number seven Jeremy Bentham.

  • This might be the weirdest mummy on the list.

  • Upon his death in 18 32 English philosopher and founder of modern utilitarianism Jeremy Bentham left very specific instructions.

  • First, he wanted to be publicly dissected by his friends.

  • Next, he wanted a skeleton to be dressed up in his clothes and stuffed full of hay because being buried is boring.

  • He also requested that his head be mummified, using traditional Maori techniques as part of turning his body into an auto icon.

  • Unfortunately, this did not go as planned, so a wax head was used instead.

  • That didn't stop students from stealing the rial head in 1975 and ransoming it back for £100 though Onley, £10 was paid by University College London, where it was being displayed.

  • Number six Toland Ben when Danish woman Great, a high guard, stumbled over a corpse as she cut peat with her family In 1950 she thought she had unearthed a recent murder victim.

  • But in fact, Tolland Man, as he became known, had died roughly 2200 years earlier.

  • His skin is blackened but remarkably preserved down to crease lines around his eyes.

  • Scholars believe he was hung as part of a ritual human sacrifice, though that is still debatable.

  • Human remains have been found in peat bogs throughout northern Europe, preserved by low temperatures, lack of oxygen and acid in the peat, which wards off bacteria.

  • Number five Leo Chuan In 1990 a very old Buddha statue underwent restoration, and experts were shocked to discover human remains Within.

  • In 2015, a C T scan of the artifact revealed the 1000 year old mummified remains of a Buddhist monk seated in a lotus position.

  • His organs had been replaced by scraps of paper printed with ancient Chinese characters.

  • Text inside identified him as Leo Chuan.

  • His mummified remains could be an instance of suction.

  • Mutsu, the Buddhist practice of living mummification, which involves gradual starvation that eliminates liquids and fats from the body.

  • Number four Children of Yulia Yako.

  • Over 500 years ago, three Inc and Children were left to die near the summit of the volcano Yulia Co.

  • On the border of Argentina and Chile.

  • Perfectly preserved by the cold, the frozen bodies were rediscovered in 1999.

  • All had been drugged using coca leaves and maize beer.

  • Researchers believe the oldest, a girl in her early teens, was a son virgin chosen to serve as a ritual sacrifice with her was her younger half sister whose body had been struck by lightning after death, and an unrelated bound boy with blood and vomit on his clothes.

  • Signs he may have put up a struggle, number three etc.

  • The German tourists who stumbled over it sees remains.

  • Thought they'd found the body of some poor mountaineer.

  • But the ice man actually died over 5000 years ago.

  • Frozen in the ice for millenia, he eventually began to thaw out.

  • He was around 45 when he was killed, probably from a blow to the head and or the arrow lodged in his shoulder.

  • But he went down fighting Based on DNA analysis, forensic scientists suggest he shot two people with one arrow and may have carried a wounded companion over his shoulder before finally dying knife still clutched in his right hand.

  • Number two lady die In the late sixties and early seventies, workers accidentally unearthed the tomb of the marquees of Dai Xin, Chewy, a noble during the Han Dynasty in China over 2000 years ago.

  • Her body was buried in four nested coffins decorated with themes of death and rebirth, and is one of the best preserved ancient humans ever found, with eyelashes still on her eyelids and traces of blood in her veins.

  • She was preserved thanks to an unknown liquid and an airtight tomb.

  • Her body and belongings are now in the care of the Hunan Museum in China.

  • She was led a life of considerable ease of luxury.

  • No joke.

  • I used to watch a lot of documentaries about ancient Egypt as a kid, and they would often show mummies, and I ended up having a nightmare.

  • That one was in bed with me.

  • And quite frankly, I'm still kind of freak.

  • Oh, I mean, looking at the sarcophagus is one thing, but the actual money anyway.

  • Do you think you know which real life Mummy is the most famous?

  • I think I do.

  • But let's see if I'm right after these honorable mentions.

  • Most interesting discovery about China's setting is how well preserved she is not only your face, but also hair, which appears to be quite long falls either side of her head, and it's truly remarkably preserved thing.

  • Not quite at the end yet almost there, though, just be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos all right.

  • Back to business number one.

  • Tutankhamen.

  • When British archaeologist Howard Carter discovered King Tut's tomb in 1922 it catapulted him toe worldwide fame.

  • The tomb was packed with a mind blowing wealth of artifacts including, of course, the 3300 year old mummy itself, wrapped in linen and placed inside a golden sarcophagus.

  • Death.

  • Eternal punishment.

  • Four.

  • Anyone who opens this casket, premature deaths of some who entered the tomb popularized a belief in a curse of the Pharaohs, inspiring the original the Mummy movie.

  • And, for better or worse, all mummy movies to come, he's still still juicy.

  • Yes, Tutankhamen remains arguably the most famous pharaoh in history, and the most famous mummy.

  • Do you agree with our picks?

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Let's crack open the sarcophagus and get this unwrapped welcome to watch Mojo.

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