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  • you've obviously had this great career and, ah, lot of accomplishments.

  • But you seem to also be particularly adept at being the buddy in a buddy movie.

  • You just I mean, so many times you have been that guy and it almost feels like you're Hollywood's.

  • Go to we need a you know, we need someone to play opposite.

  • It's almost like you're a great musician that way we need someone to play opposite Will Ferrell, you know?

  • And who is that guy?

  • And you seem to be perfect.

  • We have this repellent star we have to find someone who was able to get along with him.

  • Enough Thio Trey, His best friend?

  • Uh, no.

  • The truth.

  • The truth.

  • Yeah, it's only one best friend part I had to play where I didn't quite feel like the person's best friend by the end of the project.

  • But for the most part, I dio this guy wants to know who I know.

  • I love that our cameraman went, Uh, no, we're not.

  • It would be rude to ask, but who was it?

  • Uh, I don't want to say, but what I was going to say is that good try is that you do end up becoming best friends with the people in a way like, um, even in a movie that wasn't necessarily a comedy or whatever.

  • Like obviously, Will and I are very, very close friends.

  • But Joaquin Phoenix and I just did this movie of sisters brothers and, you know, Joaquin is like a wild animal.

  • You know, it's like watching a raccoon go through the garbage on screen.

  • You're like, What is it going to do now?

  • Like so I didn't know what it was gonna be like with him, and it did take us a second.

  • It took him a second to trust me that I was just there, like, you know, do do the best I could, and I wasn't gonna judge him or whatever.

  • And now I swear to God I would do anything for that guy.

  • I would take a bullet for walking Phoenix because you just end up through the fictional friendships.

  • You end up getting so close to people.

  • Um, yeah, it's a beautiful thing.

  • And I think part of it is that I have the ability and I recognized this and myself have the ability to be either the Alfa or the beta and I could flip back and forth And will pharaohs like that to?

  • You know, not everyone is often the star of movies, you know, like they're just star like Alfa Guy, and that's that.

  • But I'm always able toe, you know, delivered when you need me to be, uh, you know, the Alfa.

  • But I can also, you know, stand back and let the other person have the floor.

  • And I think that's that's an admirable quality in anybody.

  • Do you?

  • Do you think?

  • I mean people must be asking you all the time about a stepbrother sequel if there's gonna be another one on Lee when I leave the house on Lee when I leave the house and I asked that question.

  • I've called you at home and asked you so that's not 100% true.

  • That's true.

  • Phone interviews often get around to that.

  • Yeah, yeah, that's a beloved movie.

  • I mean, I I love it So much of that movie has stories from my own childhood in it, you know, Will and Adam and I all sat around together, basically just trying to make each other laugh for weeks and weeks and a lot of, you know, don't touch my drums.

  • That, uh um you know, getting beat up by a gang fight worth of kids.

  • And ah, lot of that stuff just came right out of my life.

  • So it felt very personal.

  • And it felt very handmade in a way, to the fact that will and animated.

  • And then, you know, the surprising thing was like like the appeal among not just younger people or like the whole family was, you know, the all the moms were like, Oh, I just wanted to grow you up That's That's what Will's Mom said to me at the premiere party.

  • She's like, Well, I mean, my friends just love this movie.

  • We just want to grow you up.

  • Well, good luck with that movie ends.

  • We're kind of exactly where we were started, but no progress is made.

  • But I don't know, like I think, I think like like a lot of artists, all three of us, I kind of felt like Well, you know, unless we could, unless we're really sure that we could do a ah better version or improve on what it is, Let's leave it alone and Sequels to Sequels are hard to pull off.

  • I mean, aliens, maybe, but Godfather two, Godfather two is also.

  • But but the fact that you can list maybe there's maybe two or three examples where the sequel was as good or better.

  • And then there's a list of failures asl long as a day.

you've obviously had this great career and, ah, lot of accomplishments.

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John C. Reilly On A "Step Brothers" Sequel - CONAN on TBS

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