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  • -Hey guys, last week was crazy.

  • Election day should have been one night,

  • but it ended up being almost an entire week.

  • But anyways, we wanted to say thank you

  • to all of the hard-working journalists and reporters

  • who didn't get much sleep in order to bring us the news.

  • Thank you, everyone. [ Cheers and applause ]

  • Especially Steve Kornacki, our very own.

  • Kornacki was up late. I was getting scared.

  • At one point he was kind of falling down.

  • He was just like -- He'd wobble.

  • I'd be like, "Oh, hold Kornacki. I can't let him go down.

  • It's too important.

  • But I did want to say thank you,

  • so I decided to surprise him at his office.

  • Man his office is just a mess. [ Laughter ]

  • He's just downstairs. He's in our building at MSNBC.

  • So I just surprised him this afternoon. Take a look.

  • [ Cheers and applause ]

  • -Okay, here we go. Gonna find Kornacki.

  • Is Steve Kornacki there?

  • We're here. We are at the right place.

  • Look, MSNBC, this is the floor.

  • Gosh, it's dark in here.

  • Are these temporary offices?

  • Kornacki?

  • Kornacki? This is like bizarre.

  • Steve Kornacki's office.

  • [ Deep voice ] Hello, can I come in?

  • What's up, dude? [ Laughs ]

  • -How are you doing? Wow!

  • -Oh, my. -This is the office?

  • [ Laughter ] What in the world?

  • God. -Welcome to the second floor.

  • -Steve Kornacki, the legend, the heart throb himself.

  • Come on out, buddy. Steve, you're still standing.

  • You're doing all right. -I am recharged.

  • I'm feeling okay. -Feeling great?

  • What happens now to you, though.

  • -They put me back into preservation

  • for about three and a half years.

  • Yeah. -I got you a little something

  • because, you know -- This is for you.

  • -Okay. Look at that.

  • -Yeah. -Oh.

  • -It is a Subway $5 gift card and a bottle of Jack.

  • We love you. -This is really kind of you.

  • I wish I had something for you.

  • You're welcome to -- -I don't want anything...

  • -There is not much in here. do with that office.

  • [ Laughter ]

  • -Steve Kornacki, everybody! The one and only.

  • Good job, buddy. Fist bump. -Alright. Thanks for visiting.

  • -Yeah, no problem. We'll be back with more

  • "Tonight Show," everybody. Come on back.

-Hey guys, last week was crazy.

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Jimmy Fallon Surprises MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/10
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