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  • Oh, that noise.

  • That's my alarm.

  • It helps me wake up at the same time every morning.

  • Do you have an alarm?

  • It's gonna be a great day.

  • Whoops.

  • Bodies awake now.

  • Okay, guys, keep your eyes open and your nose is too Adeboye.

  • Fluto, find all the farm animals.

  • Oh, I think Pluto's found something, but I don't see any animals.

  • And I don't hear any moo moos or coins or cluck clucks either.

  • Right.

  • Glove bull.

  • I got an idea.

  • I bet if we plant lettuce and carrots, then the animals will come out for a treat.

  • Sounds yummy.

  • But won't it take a long time to grow all that stuff?

  • Not with the Clickety clack.

  • Tractor watch.

  • Growing veggies on the farm is always lots of fun.

  • Our tractor lights toe plant seats way done with Clickety clacked and property pop things begin to grow like everything is ready.

  • Thio Clickety can a property pop there?

  • So 31 Look what e veggies has fun.

  • Now all we have to do is wait for the animals to come out and get their treats.

  • Come out, come out wherever you are.

  • Why are you wearing Oh, makin Donald have a farm, Mr Must be.

  • Oh, and on our farm, we got bunnies.

  • Must must be Oh, with the bunny Hop here in a bunny Hop there, here, a bunny there.

  • A bunny everywhere a bunny, buddy.

  • Thank you, Donald.

  • Album Farm must be O K.

  • And on our farm, we got goat waste on my studio.

  • Well, let's see how many animals are there.

  • Count with me, everybody.

  • One bunny, two bunnies, Three bunnies.

  • 45 money.

  • Six bunnies Are there any more?

  • Well, there aren't any more bunnies, but we've got a goat.

  • And that's an animal s Oh, we've got 123456 bunnies and the goat to And that makes how many animals?

  • Seven.

  • What dignity to you're right.

  • Good for you.

  • Oh, Mickey, I don't think there's enough room on the tractor for all of the animals.

  • No problem.

  • Goofy.

  • Watch this.

  • Come on, let's get tattle.

  • Don't be lagging.

  • Hit shop too.

  • Click of a clock wagon.

  • Wait for you.

  • Okay, well, that's what I call a happy farm family.

  • Wait.

Oh, that noise.

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Mickey and Friends Look for Farm Animals ?| Mickey Mornings | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse | Disney Junior

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