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  • Mabel And that was Mabel's Guide to Flying. In conclusion,

  • flying and falling are basically the same thing. (To the bird next to her) I am like

  • you, now bird. (Whispering) We are now one! Intro: A techno mixed version of Mabel's voice

  • calling herself plays while a montage of Mabel is played.

  • Mabel Today: Mabel's Guide to Art! Cuts to Waddles resting.

  • Mabel "Mabel's Guide" is filmed in front of an adorable atudio audience.

  • Cuts to Mabel standing next to a moose statue. Mabel Art! It's all around us! (Cuts to a

  • postcare of Egypt) From the big triangles of the desert, (cuts to a pen) to those pen

  • that go like.. (leans the pen to make the hat part goes up) Brooop! (Does it again)

  • Brooop! Static. Cuts to a video of an elephant painting.

  • Mabel Ha ha! Even old Jumbo is getting in on the act. Don't put your day job, Jumbo!

  • That's... That's really bad. Static. Cuts back to Mabel

  • Mabel No one knows what art means or where it comes from, but one thing is for sure:

  • I'm great at it! Cuts to a tabel. Mabel puts her picture she

  • drew at 2 on it. Mabel At age 2, I was natually gifted. (Puts

  • an other picture) At age 5, I was a master of portrait. (Puts another picture) Age 7

  • was a time of free exploration! Cuts back to Mabel

  • Mabel But it everything changed when I saw this amazing caricature! (Takes out a caricature

  • of Dipper) Dipper (Takes the picture) Gimme that, gimme

  • that. Mabel What could make it even better you ask?

  • I give you.. (Takes out a cat-icature of Dipper) the "Cat-icature!"

  • The scene pauses and a caption written "CAT-ICATURE!" appears with a short powerful song.

  • Mabel Just compare this amazing likeness to Dipper!

  • Dipper That doesn't look anything like me. Mabel (Interrupting) You're right it does

  • look exactly like you! The scene pauses and the caption and the song

  • appears again. Cuts to Mabel's cat-icatures of Dipper, Wendy, Waddles and Soos are on

  • a Table. Then Mabel places Stan's cat-icature on them.

  • Stan Uh, it's just the same crummy cat face with a different hat each time.

  • Mabel Exactly! And I sell'em for 10 dollars each.

  • Stan You need an agent? I am now your agent. Static. Cuts to a cat-icature of Toby. Mabel

  • hands this picture to Toby. Toby It looks exactly like me! Right down

  • to my actual cat whiskers that the doctors can't explain! (Hugs the picture) Meow meow

  • meow! Mabel You're always weirder than I remember.

  • Static. Cuts to Stan selling the cat-icatures. Stan Mabel! These cat-icatures are sellin'

  • like hot cakes! Mabel Cat-icatures are good. But I've moved

  • on to the next level. Behold.. (Takes out a cat which has a picture on it's stomach)

  • "Humani-cat-icatures!" The scene pauses and a caption written "Humanicaticature!"

  • appears with a short powerful song. The customer who came to buy the cat-icature wants to buys

  • the humanicaticatures. Stan (Happily yelling) Somebody get this girl

  • more cats! Static. Cuts to Mabel with cats all around

  • her. Her clothes and hair are clawed by a cat.

  • Mabel That's it for Mabel's guide to art. Where we learned sometimes you have to suffer

  • for your art. (To the cat) Here kitty, here kitty kitty...

  • The cat jumps and attacks Mabel in her face. Mabel falls.

  • Mabel It actually kinda tickles. Static.

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Mabel And that was Mabel's Guide to Flying. In conclusion,

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Mabel's Guide to Art

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    Mary Lai   posted on 2014/06/23
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