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  • Okay sooo...

  • what do you want from us exactly?

  • yes enough of waiting

  • US is hiding something form us

  • and we will find out what

  • why should we care?

  • they are most likely hiding alien technology

  • which means big buck

  • sooo what do you want from us ?

  • here is the plan

  • they have huge nano tech fence

  • and the only tool that can break it

  • is my secret baguette

  • exactly

  • once we are inside we will have to take the guards down

  • UK this is where you come inb

  • so you want my special forces

  • what? no no no no

  • you will throw the hot tea into their faces

  • and the hot tea will blind them

  • that... doesn't make any sense

  • pain noises

  • and finally it will be mine turn

  • they have ten meter cement wall

  • that cannot be broken fast by any tools

  • I can only open these doors

  • I love to work

  • Show yourself alien

  • can can can I into space?

  • please?

  • my god

  • it all makes sense now

Okay sooo...

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A2 BEG US sooo alien hiding tea nano baguette

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