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  • We did it.

  • We did it, Joe.

  • A phone call from the vice president elect to the president elect.

  • Democrat Joe Biden emerged as the winner Saturday of a contentious battle for the White House as voters narrowly pushed him over the finish line to fix a battery economy and a divided nation as well as fight the coronavirus pandemic.

  • The declaration came just before noon, after a batch of mail in votes in Pennsylvania expanded Biden's leading the battleground states so wide there was no chance of President Trump catching up way.

  • That was all that was needed from major TV networks declare him the winner of the state, pushing Biden's tally in the Electoral College beyond the needed threshold to 273 after days of ballot counting and tonight, some national nail biting knowing that he will lead a bitterly divided nation, Biden tweeted on Saturday, Quote America.

  • I'm honored that you have chosen me to lead our great country.

  • The work ahead of us will be hard, but I promise you this I will be a president for all Americans, whether you voted for me or not.

  • There were spontaneous celebrations in city streets across America.

  • People spoke.

  • We showed up.

  • We showed out I'm so proud of our people.

  • President Obama joined in the celebrations, congratulating his former VP in a statement quote.

  • We're fortunate that Joe Biden has what it takes to be president and already carries himself that way.

  • Trump, who was not at the White House but out golfing when the election was called, wasn't in the mood to accept defeat.

  • He immediately accused biting of quote rushing toe falsely posed as the winner.

  • Trump, who also said in a statement that this election is far from over, has repeatedly, without evidence made claims of electoral fraud.

  • His legal team, which includes personal lawyer Rudolph Giuliani, laid the groundwork Saturday for their strategy to try to stop bite him from his victory, claiming discrepancies with mail in ballots in Philadelphia.

  • Same thing was done in Georgia.

  • The same thing was done in Michigan.

  • The same thing was done in North Carolina.

  • Seems to me somebody from the Democratic National Committee sent out a little note that said, Don't let the Republicans look at those mail in ballot.

  • These lawsuits will be brought starting on Monday.

  • Trump supporters who were in disbelief took to the streets to vent against the Biden win, and several quote stopped the steel demonstrations.

  • If it's not reversed, if we don't get a change to the count on, gets a legitimate count, then he's gonna be our next president.

  • Unfortunately, I think that that's going to take our country off the edge of the cliff.

  • The legal challenges, though, are likely to have little bearing even after the race was called.

  • Other states like Arizona and Georgia was still counting votes, and Biden had at least one more win.

  • Before the day was out, he was named the projected winner in Nevada, taking him even further beyond the magic number of 2 70 needed to clinch the vote.

We did it.

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Biden wins battle to become 46th U.S. president

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/08
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