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  • It's like the injuries just won't quit.

  • How do you proceed from here?

  • A.

  • To this point, with those two going out in the 40 Niners season, the idea of going back to the Super Bowl is not gonna happen, right?

  • And how do we get into a playoff picture?

  • They have got to go six and two from here.

  • Look at the teams they've gotta play.

  • They got to the Bills.

  • They've got to play in the division.

  • They've got to go to New Orleans.

  • E.

  • I mean, this looks like a disastrous year.

  • And so really, it creates a focus on the one question coming into this year that you had about the 40 Niners is.

  • Can we get to a place where Kyle Shanahan, this innovative offensive coordinator, one of the best in the head coach in the league, confined a quarterback that he can trust and just be expansive with rather than protect?

  • And I think that's been the issue with Jimmy, and I think that $25 million and a shrinking salary cap with this injury, let's batted around, but I just don't know how Jimmy ends up being the quarterback for the 40 Niners next year.

  • Well, if you don't have Jimmy Garoppolo the quarterback, we have to find somebody else to be able to put in that position.

  • And you, you're right.

  • Kyle has protected his quarterback.

  • Like I look at Jimmy Garoppolo and Jared Goff is the same guy.

  • They're both mobile quarterbacks that their coach have schemed up for them.

  • A great offense, outside zone play action.

  • We're gonna cut the field in half and make your reads very, very simple.

  • And let's not forget Jimmy has played good football.

  • He got him to a Super Bowl and he's within one throw to Emmanuel Sanders down the middle of field off winning that Super Bowl.

  • I don't know if the 40 Niners are ready to move on from Jimmy Garoppolo.

  • They do want better quarterback play.

  • But whether or not they're ready to cut bait because there's no more guarantee money that's yet to be seen.

  • You know, it's just a shame to see all the injuries you guys were just talking about, but let me talk about the guy that I saw last night.

  • Nick Mullins.

  • I know that coach Shanahan will find the quarterback of the future, but I got some hot, some high hopes for a guy like Nick Malis.

  • He showed some plays last night that I think that gives them some hope that, hey, we could go compete this coming Thursday.

  • We could compete for the rest of the season.

  • Yeah, they don't have guy like Debo Samuels and the two guys you talk about going on IR.

  • But I like this young Nick Marlins and his hunger and his passion to play the game of football.

  • He's making mistakes.

  • All young quarterbacks are making mistakes.

  • But I do believe that Coach Shanahan will have his team going out there competing for the rest of the season.

  • Well, what about the nuts and bolts of this with Jimmy G?

  • What's the contract situation you mentioned?

  • No more guaranteed money.

  • So a season is over, so you have to figure they're gonna be reviewing all quarterback options after the season.

  • All would be in play.

  • It's not like Jimmy G has this job locked up.

  • We've seen them juggle quarterbacks this year, and a lot of it was due to Jimmy Garoppolo health with his ankle.

  • But they turned to Nick Mullins.

  • They turned to C J.

  • Beth Third.

  • They went back to Jimmy Garoppolo.

  • They're going back to Nick Mullins.

  • That's how it's gone.

  • Does that tell you that that's a team that's married to Jimmy Garoppolo?

  • Going to the off season when he's got no guaranteed money back relationship between Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy?

  • That's what matters.

  • Does Kyle believe?

  • And can he have an expansive view on Booker?

  • You hit it right on the head.

  • They've created a system that Jimmy could be successful.

  • It's not the system that Kyle wants to run.

  • So what's your gut?

  • My gut is that Kyle is gonna Kyle is gonna be a coach there for 10 years.

  • He'll be one of the long term coaches when he finally done, Does he want Jimmy Debatable, concocted offense for him?

  • Or does he want somebody that can actually be expansive and do all the things that in my brain rattling around?

  • That's what Kyle wants to your point about what Kyle wants to do, go back to when Kyle Shanahan was with the Atlanta Falcons.

  • That's what they want to do it.

  • Yes, it zone run.

  • But remember Matt run?

  • They were throwing the football down the field deep shot.

  • That's what Kyle Shanahan wants to do.

  • He can't quite do that with Jimmy.

  • That's the only pieces missing, that downfield passing game, right?

  • That's the future in the present there.

  • On a short week, they have to host Green Bay and then moving forward.

  • They have the third toughest schedule in the NFL.

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It's like the injuries just won't quit.

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