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  • I take three Super Bowls played in four in a championship cave.

  • I take that all day long to be in salary cap Hell right now and not win the division and rebuild.

  • Who wouldn't take that?

  • Would you take that?

  • C Totally.

  • I mean, here's the problem, though.

  • Bill Belichick says that and everybody thinks that he's making excuses.

  • He's just telling you the truth.

  • He's damned if you do, damned if he don't right.

  • If he says it.

  • Ah, look, Bill, you use your bad.

  • And if he doesn't say anything, his same bill, he's always e mean like you can't win key.

  • That's why, out external expectations, they're different than internal expectations.

  • And Granite, I think externally, there are so much around this Pats team as released expectations about what is Cam gonna do?

  • I dont think internally, obviously they always want to win championships.

  • But I think after guys opting out with co vid after camp coming back, I think internally expectations have changed with this team.

  • There's eight players of starters that air not on their team.

  • I understand, opted out and people have to understand that and realized you're not every single year every single year, you can't realize.

  • I mean, you can't just assume that the team is going to be the same.

  • After eight guys leaves the quarterback of 20 years, he's gone.

  • A new guy you signed with in a covert situation at quarterback with no off season, nothing comes in and tries to do is best.

  • You have no received.

  • You have nothing like the cupboards bare like you don't have anything, and he's just explaining to people five Super Bowls.

  • We are four Super Bowls.

  • We won three of them.

  • We lost one, and then we go to the A F C championship game and y'all tryingto kill me because I simply say we don't have any money.

  • We don't have any money.

  • We sold out for five years now, and I think Mr Kraft, then Bill Belichick will sell out for another five years if they need to.

  • That's why I said, we have to change the expectation and change the narrative right there in a rebuilding process, and that's okay, considering all the success that this team has had, that that's okay.

  • They're no different than any other professional franchise in sports that have great success for long periods of time and then have to shut it down for a short period.

  • Time to reboot.

  • Now, whether or not Bill Belichick will be around for that next run as the head coach, who knows, maybe he will coach well into his eighties or something.

  • I don't know, but right now they're not a good football team, and it's an opportunity for everyone that want to kick them across the street to do so, and they may wanna kick him across the street.

  • They may want to kick a couple players out here and there.

  • Reboot rebuild, not words often heard around the Patriots, but obviously is.

  • The fellas have said these air different times, and for more on that, let's head to the Shell Pennzoil performance line to welcome NFL insider Dan Graziano.

  • Dan and all the guys were working the phones, and over the course of the last few years, I can't imagine much of the calls he's taken on the Patriots being sellers.

  • But Dana's.

  • We approach the deadline today.

  • 4 p.m. Eastern.

  • What are the Pats thinking about doing?

  • And what are the other really big names we need to think about before it hits four in the East today.

  • Well, you look at the Patriots, right?

  • Like there were a lot of people around the league watching to see what happened to them on Sunday in Buffalo.

  • In the theory being, if they lose, which they did their 3.5 games out, they don't look like they.

  • Ah, very good team.

  • And would that mean they could potentially sell off pieces at the deadline?

  • Stephon Gilmore has a couple of years left on his contract, a very affordable price for an acquiring team.

  • Their teams that are interested in knowing whether he's available, whether they'd move other veteran pieces in their secondary, like one or both of the McCord twins.

  • Whether Joe Tooni, their offensive linemen whose their franchise player could be available for a team that needs help there, so definitely a team.

  • People are watching throughout the day today in terms of trying to figure out where they stand.

  • When you hear comments like that from Bill Belichick, it does give you a window into how the Patriots see themselves.

  • If they see themselves as a rebuilding team and they're able to move guys that aren't going to be part of that long term rebuilding in exchange for picks that are, then they have to consider it.

  • So I'm watching the Patriots pretty closely today to see what they do.

  • If anything, I think you know they're not gonna just move just to move.

  • They don't have to clear cap space or cash space.

  • They can.

  • They can sort of recalibrate and go forward starting next year.

  • But somebody offers them enough for, say, a Stephon Gilmore to make it worth their while.

  • I wouldn't I don't think anybody be super surprised by a move like that.

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I take three Super Bowls played in four in a championship cave.

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