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  • Merry early Christmas.

  • The N B A is coming back.

  • December the 22nd to the n b p.

  • A.

  • Has approved the start date along with a 72 games schedule.

  • It means this offseason is on Lee 71 day.

  • So free agency details are still being hashed out, but it is expected to begin late November.

  • And then training camps will likely open December the first before any of that.

  • How about a draft November the 18th?

  • So less than two weeks it's gonna go.

  • Timberwolves Warriors, Hornets with the top three picks, We're gonna goto Bobby Marks right now and say Good morning to him.

  • What team is best position to handle?

  • What is a very compressed offseason?

  • Wanna call?

  • I think it's a team that hasn't played since mid March, and that's Golden State.

  • Uh, they return a healthy Steph Curry.

  • Klay Thompson Draymond Green.

  • They've got the number two pick in the draft.

  • Steve Curry turns, and they also have this $17 million trade exception that they could go out and build out their bench.

  • So when teams like the Lakers and the Clippers that played in tow late September and early October are gonna get to get out of the gate.

  • Little slow.

  • I think Golden State has a chance to really kind of get to the top of the Western Conference here, so we could also see the Warriors be active in free agency.

  • But what other teams could we expect to make some noise?

  • Well, it has to be the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers, and it's more about getting their house in order.

  • And what I mean is you've got the contract of Anthony Davis toe workout.

  • You've got three free agents with player options, particularly contagious Coldwell Pope and Rajon Rondo.

  • And I think what the Lakers are gonna have to do is make a decision between players like Rondo and Markieff, Morris versus going out and using their mid level exception.

  • The second team is the Atlanta Hawks, and I say Atlanta because they're sitting in the pole position with $40 million in cap space.

  • Here we're entering Year three of Trae Young.

  • They've got the rookie extension of John Collins.

  • I think it's now the time to go out and put a win around Young or we're gonna begin entering his last year of his contract with a team that's still in the lottery.

  • I feel like he said, the Atlanta Hawks, and like waited for us to be like the Hawks.

  • You mention his name, you've got Anthony Davis, and then you also have Brandon Ingram, though there's like the big free agent names out there.

  • What I don't know under the radar guys should we be keeping an eye on?

  • Well, I don't know if he's under the radar just because he's probably the best point guard in the draft, but he's one of the ones that was undrafted three or four years ago, and it's got to be Fred Vanvleet up in Toronto, and in his career, he's earned $20 million.

  • He is probably going to earn that in the first year of his contract and whether it be going back to Toronto on a long term contract, they think to keep an eye on them.

  • If they're going to preserve cap flexibility for 2021 or a team like Detroit or in New York, and the second player is Christian would.

  • That is not a household name, but he's a great stories.

  • 25 years old, he's been in the league on with six different teams.

  • He's been waived twice.

  • He's been claimed twice.

  • Hey is a player that is probably going to demand a contract between 13 and $15 million either with Detroit, maybe a team like New York, possibly Charlotte.

  • But what is certainly an interesting name to keep an eye on here, All in on a good story, like when you're watching the game, you're like, Oh, yeah, that guy makes you easy to like to cheer for a team that maybe you wouldn't ordinarily cheer for.

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Merry early Christmas.

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