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  • coming up, I'll be showing you a stunning vegetarian lunch and dinner.

  • But first, here's a more in depth look at the key ingredients you'll need for them.

  • First for dinner.

  • I'm using risotto Rice Rose Otto is a flagship classic in Italian cuisine, but is widely believed that the Spaniards introduced it to northern Italy.

  • Back in the Middle Ages.

  • There are three main types a Borio carnaroli on villainy.

  • Their ability to absorb liquid and flavor whilst releasing lots of starch is what makes risotto uniquely delicious and anxious.

  • A tasty, creamy and inexpensive way to satisfy lots of tummies without a morsel of meat in sight.

  • Now we're gonna make a delicious beetroot risotto way to get the shots.

  • Just slice them in half and then just chop them like that.

  • Okay, Okay, Now I've ever made a risotto.

  • No, I haven't actually shots please into the pan for Delhi, a Sprinkle of salt and pepper along with a couple of crushed close of garlic.

  • Once you start cooking the risotto, it's really important to have your stop gently boiling away.

  • If reading cold stocking top of the rice all the time, it just slows down the process.

  • Generally, you could get a nice wide, flat pan.

  • If you look in a deep pan, the rice sort of cooks at different temperatures.

  • What stock is that in their dad?

  • That's a vegetable stock.

  • Yeah, because you can't have different stocks.

  • Took its toll.

  • Vegetarian can you know?

  • Chicken stock?

  • I made that mistake once, putting beef stock in a vegetarian soup.

  • Did you know I didn't?

  • Matilda?

  • Sure, I'm positive from joking for our time.

  • How nice is that smell?

  • It smells delicious right in.

  • That's a bit of a different race.

  • This is our boreal rice.

  • It's a perfect rice for risotto.

  • Now it's really important to sear the rice.

  • If it were just to put the stocking without sweating off.

  • The rice goes, well, starchy.

  • So keep on stone for Daddy.

  • It's just gonna make it no flambe on the radio with a deep red beetroot theme, I'm adding red wine, followed by the first ladle of stock to get things started.

  • Now we're off.

  • Wow, it's giving it a cloudy sort of look what's happened to the stock.

  • The stock is reducing down, and the race is sucking it in.

  • That's right.

  • So the Rice is actually getting nice and plump.

  • One of risotto is live when it's like this.

  • Now we can't stop cooking it.

  • We have to cook it all the way.

  • Okay, Ready for the next level.

  • I'm ready.

  • Good girl.

  • Here we go.

  • Ladle in.

  • So we have to make this for literally 2025 minutes, and we're nursing it away.

  • The roots pilled up.

  • Brought them a little bit of salt sugar, a little bit of age bassman believing their roasted them.

  • Great.

  • My palms on.

  • How's that rice doing right is doing good.

  • You know, that is exactly where you wanna be.

  • Now, look, I got that nice, glossy textured rice.

  • So beet roots e wanted to put two thirds of beetroot in there for me, saving one third for the top.

  • Good sprinkled Parmesan in there for me, please.

  • All over.

  • Nice.

  • Looks like it's snowing again on then.

  • We're just gonna get some nice butter in there.

  • The butter gives the risotto a really nice loss.

  • Look at that.

  • Beautiful.

  • Yeah, Come down.

  • Let it come down first.

  • All right, Get experience there now.

  • Daddy.

  • Beautifully.

  • They get wonderful.

  • Shake it.

  • Results should be like lava just flows out, And then the rest of the very on top finish some extra virgin olive oil.

  • Tom, I'm back.

  • Yeah, yeah.

coming up, I'll be showing you a stunning vegetarian lunch and dinner.

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