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  • Jay, I want to start with you being the hard core Giants fan.

  • So I turn on the game last night.

  • I'm from thinking about because I'm like, Look at the Giants.

  • They got the old school look going back to the eighties, right?

  • They got the white pants.

  • They got the giants across the helmet instead of the end.

  • Why they got the red stripe.

  • They look like the old school giants.

  • But the last they didn't have old school Giant players know it was a same old result.

  • Tampa improves to six and to their best eight games start since Keyshawn in the Bucks won the Super Bowl.

  • So you got something in common?

  • They're They're playing well.

  • It ended well for Keyshawn that year.

  • We'll see how it ends for the Bucks.

  • But guys, everybody's talking about the penalty flag that was picked up.

  • What do you think?

  • I just I don't think it was a P I.

  • So I agree with them that they got the call, right?

  • But why throw the flag in the first place?

  • Why throw the flag in the first place?

  • It was a hell of a drive by Daniel Jones.

  • He gets all the way down.

  • They score an incredible touchdown and then you go for the two point conversion.

  • The ref throws the flag, they go back to review it and then they come out.

  • They overturn it, but there's no explanation to explain to me why they overturned it.

  • Why throw the flag in the first place?

  • Well, you know, we could dive into a lot of different ways.

  • It was pass interference, but you're not gonna get.

  • First of all, you're not getting a call because you're Daniel Jones.

  • You're the Giants.

  • You're not very good.

  • So you're not going to give you the benefit of the doubt If he throws, the ball was slightly thrown behind the receiver, so therefore they're not gonna get the flag.

  • Even though it was passing appearance, he ran into him, so he enabled him to be able to turn around to catch the football it was thrown behind.

  • If he puts the ball in front of they walk into the end zone, the referee should have explained why saying, Hey, the defensive back closed in on the receiver.

  • But because the ball hit the defensive backs arm, then therefore there's no pass interference he's allowed to try and catch.

  • The football is well, all you have to do is turn his head if he turns his head this conversation without even having a conversation.

  • But the fact that he didn't turn his head, he just continued to drive into the receiver.

  • If the ball doesn't touch the if the ball doesn't touch the arm of the defender, then it's a pass interference.

  • Clearly, if the ball somehow gets in front of uh, the receiver and he runs into him is passing affairs, but because it hit, hit him on the back side and it was slightly thrown behind, they're not gonna call that.

  • And on top of that, the Giants aren't good.

  • You know how it goes.

  • You get the benefit of the doubt when you're good, but the ball was thrown late.

  • I mean, the ball was throwing a second and a half later.

  • You throw that earlier.

  • That's a two point conversion.

  • It's a two point conversion for sure, but Jones threw the ball late, but it's a question about here.

  • Here's the bigger issue for me and I know we'll discuss pass interference, interference, whether the flag was thrown or not, but I'm not gonna put this on Joe Judge because the defense held up the entire game.

  • I'm not gonna put this on Jason Garrett from offensive play calling perspective because I think he did a hell of a job mixing it up.

  • The old line actually held up.

  • This loss goes on number eight.

  • It goes on.

  • The break goes on.

  • Daniel Jones Just too bad.

  • Pick city through throughout this game and now at the halfway point, he has nine interceptions at the halfway point.

  • He had 12 last year.

  • He's nine now.

  • Here.

  • He certainly is not living up to the billing of the next Eli Manning and coming, You know he's not.

  • He's not doing that for sure.

  • When you look at it, though, he threw the two picks like you said, ill advised her.

  • I don't know who the hell he was throwing the football to panic.

  • Hey, look, he looks panicked and scared to me when he's out there, so when he sees color, he goes toe.

  • It gets all frantic instead of just calm, relaxed the pockets or sat there for you.

  • Step up and throw the ball.

  • Hey, had one or two good throws in the game.

  • He missed Shepherd wide open running down the left sideline.

  • I mean, if he dropped, it was a separate was a slate.

  • It was one of the Rio left.

  • Like he drops that thing in the breadbasket.

  • He's still run into.

  • He's still running the Philadelphia.

  • I mean, it's just when you look at it for a guy to be drafted as high as he he was and praised by Dave Gettleman as if he was the second coming.

  • He just didn't play sharp the entire game.

  • And that's one of the reasons the Giants lost the football.

  • He made some nice throws here and there when he had the time when he wasn't under somewhat to rest.

  • Um, it just, you know, we talk about Sam.

  • Donald getting rid of Sam.

  • Donald like, is going crazy.

  • But what if the Giants gonna do?

  • If there's a quarterback that's sitting there, what are they gonna dio?

Jay, I want to start with you being the hard core Giants fan.

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Daniel Jones isn’t living up to being the ‘next Eli Manning’ - Keyshawn Johnson | KJZ

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