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  • Let's look ahead to tonight's Game two between Boston and Miami.

  • If it is anything like Game one.

  • Turned out, we are in store for such an incredible Siri's.

  • Jayson Tatum had opportunities to change the Celtics fate in Game one, both at the end of regulation and in overtime.

  • And yesterday, coach Brad Stevens was asked why Tatum's isolation plays weren't that effective.

  • He had a really interesting answer.

  • Take a listen.

  • It wasn't just take him.

  • I mean, there were several several times we isolated at the slot.

  • They did a great job of, you know, the next guy's both the corner defender and the wing defender were both long and help and active and help.

  • They've been great at that.

  • You're not gonna attack him one on one, let alone one on three eso.

  • We just all have to do a better job of moving the ball and getting to where we want to go.

  • We talked a lot about that today and there's no question that, you know the last two games specifically, our offense has been way too stagnant to the game.

  • So Vince, listening to Brad there, you wouldn't know that they were up double digits in the fourth quarter at one point.

  • But he's right.

  • They didn't lose that lead, especially in those isolation plays.

  • What do you think?

  • The biggest adjustment that the Celtics need to make tonight to even up the series?

  • Well, he he said it right there, you know, share the ball turnovers and you know you can't get comfortable.

  • I think once they got the lead, they wanted to go in the Isil ball.

  • And, you know, if I'm if I'm on that team late in the game and I'm Jason Tatum, I'm telling them, Attack.

  • Put the onus on the referee.

  • You see the shot that he chose to take.

  • I'm telling Attack Man, make these guys following you, man, get to the basket.

  • He's had success all playoffs of getting fouled in another thing.

  • You've got to stop that guy.

  • Jimmy Butler in in the fourth quarter and overtime.

  • He had eight points in the fourth quarter or overtime, and he gets it going.

  • So I think defensively, you got to kind of make somebody else beat you because he's been known in the bubble right now for getting going in the fourth in, in in overtime or late in the game, Let's say Yeah, and it's funny when you go back to before the Siri's and you listen to Brad Stevens.

  • Talk about Hey, the Miami Heat.

  • Move the ball like the Golden State Warriors, you know not the same type of shooters, but the way they move the ball.

  • And he's kind of saying that to his team because he understands we have to move the ball.

  • He's making these references.

  • The difference is, is that Boston has a few more guys that are able to play is a ball.

  • Because you have Kemba Walker.

  • You have Jayson Tatum.

  • Miami doesn't really have that.

  • Jimmy Butler is there really Main Onley, ISO guy.

  • And so when he's talking about, we gotta work our defense.

  • There's moments in the game where you can play ISO and use your skill set.

  • But there's also stretches where you gotta move the ball, quote unquote, like the Miami Heat do, or like the Golden State Warriors used to dio.

  • So that was not only a message about the Miami Heat, but that was also a message to his team, and that's what they have to do.

  • They got to get a ton of ball movement at the end.

  • Yeah, absolutely.

  • Let's just add this real quick guys.

  • I just want to add this.

  • I think Kimball Walker is gonna be, uh, important piece to this game because if he's scoring and he's getting in the paint, he creates easier shots.

  • And when he gets that the ice.

  • So you see the step back.

  • He tried to take over Obama nearby.

  • If he's beating him, you open things up for your team.

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Let's look ahead to tonight's Game two between Boston and Miami.

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