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  • Here's the thing with Matt Nagy.

  • Your job is the coach is not to find players that fit into your system.

  • Your job is the coach is to figure out ways to allow players to excel in your system and adjust your system around their skill set.

  • I don't want to hear any more that you want to run the chief system.

  • That's not your job.

  • Your job is to take the talent of the players that you have and get them to be as good as they possibly can.

  • Mitchell Robiskie gives them the best option.

  • He will cover up the two main deficiencies they have.

  • Ah, poor offensive line because of his athleticism and average skill group because of his athleticism.

  • Go back to mistreat Robiskie.

  • This feels a little bit like when your friend breaks up with someone.

  • Everyone's like Thank you.

  • Finally, and then they start dating again and it's tough And then, like maybe that old guy wasn't that bad.

  • I am here, Dan, to be the rational voice in the room to remind you Yes, he was that bad.

  • Okay, and not He's a lovely person.

  • He was a lovely person, but he was one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL, by any measure, and they want a few games in the beginning of the season because Mr Biscuit got to play the 27th.

  • Best defense is in the league.

  • Nick Foles has played the 10th best by ESPN's FBI rating, so Cup competition matters.

  • But he's not a good quarterback.

  • They know what they at this point, and I hear what you're saying about how potentially his athleticism could allow them to compensate for some of their past protection issues.

  • I hear you and I agree with you that something that Maggie could have should have would have taken advantage of.

  • But Mr Mickey was also significantly worse than Nick Foles has been throwing under pressure.

  • So while yes, you might get a few more positive plays on the ground, he is not a good passer when he's pressured and you're correct in pointing out that that is not a good offensive line.

  • I don't see him upgrading that offense.

  • I'm not saying it falls has been great.

  • I'm really not.

  • But Mitra whiskey is not an improvement.

  • Marcus first and then Dan, you jump else, Uh, they have been on that yak today.

  • I'm convinced he could have been he had a day full of Yeah, I hadn't been close enough to him to find out.

  • First of all, first of all, mental Strabinsky is credited with three wins, But it's really, too, because Nick Foles had to actually come in and win the game against the Atlanta Falcons.

  • That's Number one.

  • The next thing is, um, Mr Biscuit, been athletic and guess what?

  • He'd been too bad.

  • That's the reason they brought Nick Foles in.

  • Listen, I'm not I'm not a man saying Nicole to break.

  • I'm not that that is not what I'm saying.

  • But this this man has had this team look, the Saints went over time.

  • We obviously know how dominant the Rams were in that game, and they beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the team that we're putting really putting up there as one of the better teams in the NFC.

  • This was about Nick Foles and to your point, like he's turned the football over.

  • I get that, but he's also been steady enough not to give games away and not have them in position toe win.

  • Some of these games don't go back to Mr Trump Biscuit.

  • Matt Nagy, please.

  • We already know what e.

  • How has he been?

  • Steady enough.

  • How has he been steady enough.

  • He's doing the one thing like Listen, if Nick Foles was doing like getting the ball out of his hands and not hurting the team with the turnovers, I'll be all with you.

  • I love Nick foes, but here's the thing.

  • The coaching staff has to look at the team and go.

  • What's the best way for us to win games?

  • Scoring 17 A game ain't gonna cut it, guys.

  • It's not gonna cut it.

  • And that's what they're doing with Nick right now, Mr Biscay.

  • He's got to score more if they use them the right way, they if they use them the right way, it's too late.

  • If they use them the right way.

  • Patrick, that was.

  • Listen, if that was an option, I'd agree with you.

  • But if they use them the right way, guys quarterback run in football was invented to help lesser offenses.

  • You only gotta make three blocks, not five markets.

  • Here's the thing.

  • You can't sit here and tell me as long like Nick Foles isn't hurting the team or operating better.

  • He's not.

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Here's the thing with Matt Nagy.

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