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  • a personal trauma.

  • A domestic abuse case being kicked out of her home may mean that you end up as homeless without a home.

  • That may happen to any individual at any time.

  • All we should have absolutely is the bedrock is that no person who ends up homeless should need to end up on the streets.

  • They should have a solution to that homelessness situation, giving the advice and support the volunteering.

  • The providing of food absolutely makes a difference on then the connecting with the services.

  • They're very well trained volunteers is what we were in.

  • The violence is the best way to make a contribution to ending.

  • Honestly, what else can people do?

  • Steve, you know, to further advance the idea of this problem in this country, if people continue to remind almost their MPs on their counselors on, do the politicians and policy makers of why it is so important?

  • Presti and Homelessness not only because it's economically bad business, but actually it's a humanitarian crisis disaster.

  • It should be no response, Teoh.

  • A society that regards itself as civilized in 21st century.

  • If you're homeless, you know that you have some options and the options that you have don't have to be on the street.

  • Yeah, e mhm.

  • Uh huh.

  • Oh, yeah.

a personal trauma.

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