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  • as some of you know, 3.5 weeks ago, I announced my plans to become your next mayor of London.

  • And at the time, ah, lot of people weren't sure about why we were doing this.

  • Some people questioned our seriousness.

  • Um, they thought this might be a publicity stunt, But let me just say we were always very serious about this and we always planned toe win this race, and we plan on becoming your next mayor of London.

  • And on May 7th, we will move into City Hall here in London and we will start changing the game.

  • We will start making the decisions that everyone can see we need to make.

  • And yet our leaders refused to make.

  • We're going to start making intelligent decisions, science based decisions.

  • We're gonna make a proportionate response to the virus.

  • And honestly, the feedback from all of you has been incredible.

  • It's been mawr than we ever expected.

  • We honestly believed it would take months before everyone out there started to realize that, yes, we were the candidate to put forward because what we were talking about just made sense.

  • It made sense, and no one else is talking about getting us back toe work.

  • We have a two party system here in this country like we dio in many places in the world, including America.

  • And that two party system has run this city of London and this country of the United Kingdom into the ground.

  • And it's thes, thes, thes current crop of politicians with their vested interests and their one main goal, which is to get themselves reelected.

  • That's all they seem to worry about.

  • And meanwhile, the nine million citizens of this city are quite literally dying not only from co vid, but from the economic damage that is being done to us.

  • Right now.

  • It's brutal, and the long term ramifications are extensive.

  • This is going to take years and years, maybe decades, to recover from the damage being done right now, because of the lock down, not because of the virus, and I want to talk more about that.

  • But I just want to say your support has been so incredible that we moved in the oddsmakers down rapidly until yesterday.

  • We have now become in second place in this race and again, uh, these bookmakers are where people put their money where their mouth is.

  • Alright, these aren't just speculations.

  • These aren't articles written by political bloggers.

  • Okay, This is where you can place money right now in order to get an outcome.

  • And again, I don't condone gambling by any means.

  • But I will just say the betting agencies usually get elections right.

  • And as of yesterday, we have now moved into second place ahead of the Conservative candidate which has been a party in this country for hundreds and hundreds of years.

  • It's a massive party.

  • It's the party of our current prime minister and we are now ahead of that candidate.

  • Nothing like this has ever happened in the history of the mayoral race for London.

  • An independent candidate like ourselves has never been in second place.

  • And I just want to say that's all because of you.

  • And we thank you so much for your support.

  • Every single comment you're putting on these videos.

  • I'm reading every single share, every single, like every single donation that we have on the Brian for mayor dot London website is crucial on, and every time you tell someone about our race to run, it's pushing us forward.

  • So I just wanna thank you so much for the incredible support were blown away.

  • And honestly, we already had a lot of energy.

  • We were always deeply convicted in our values and our thoughts.

  • But you've just given me a supercharged, so thank you so much.

  • And trust me, everyone of your comments and shares and likes and donations does not go unnoticed.

  • It gives me even more fuel to push forward.

  • We are literally six months away, almost exactly from the election here, which is gonna be on May 6th of 2021.

  • And with your support, we're gonna move into City Hall as a collective.

  • I feel like we're all gonna move in together, not just the nine million citizens in London, but I feel like everyone around the world that is behind us in our agenda.

  • We're gonna move in and show the world what a major city conduce.

  • Oh, when run correctly.

  • And I honestly think with your support, we can show the New York cities of the world the Los Angeles of the world, the Tokyo and Sao Paulo's and Madrid's and Barcelona's and Rome's of the world and Berlin's of the world.

  • How you can run a major city properly.

  • How you can get it back toe work, how you can put people's health first, science first, make a proportionate response to the virus and also use science based decision making.

  • So again, Patty Power, one of the biggest bookmakers in the world, has now put us in second place.

  • And it's pretty incredible.

  • Were second behind the incumbent.

  • And I promise you that before Christmas we're gonna be in first place and that's our plans to be in first place ahead of the current incumbent mayor.

  • So we're super excited, and I just want to say Thank you so much for all the support and for pushing us into number one in the betting agencies, and we really appreciate that.

as some of you know, 3.5 weeks ago, I announced my plans to become your next mayor of London.

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BRIAN ROSE: We Have Moved Into Second Place & We Plan To Be Your Next Mayor Of London | Real Deal

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