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  • So 34 points for a D 15 made three pointers by, As I said, the Lakers team that was terrible from deep all season.

  • How were they able to do that in Game one?

  • Yeah, if you're the Miami Heat, you can overcome either Anthony Davis 34 points or 15 May threes, but you can't have both.

  • And that's exactly what the Lakers did.

  • I just thought there reads were great.

  • They had guys on balance taking those shots because their spacing was so good.

  • And now you take an average three point shooter and you make him better than that when the looks air better, Everything Miami did defensively, Lakers countered double in the post like you do here.

  • Great cut by Roger on Rondo that it drags the top defender into the lane, and now you've got three Lakers and two defenders on the weak side of the floor.

  • Kyle Kuzma makes a great read attacks to close out.

  • Guy, get that defender to pinch off the corner, and K C P now is lined up shoulder square.

  • On balance, that's a great shot for KCP.

  • His percentages go up.

  • Same thing here attacked the middle of the floor.

  • Rondo is going to get that back line defender to commit, and now you've got Andre Iguodala playing two guys on the weak side of the floor.

  • You swing it to Caruso on balance.

  • Shoulders Square.

  • He's now better than a 30% 3 point shooter, and it finally get back in transition, the way you're supposed to.

  • If you're the Heat wall up, LeBron.

  • So swing it to a guy that you want to take the shot Solomon Hill backs off of them dares him to take it.

  • Rondo knocks it down again because he squared up.

  • He has time.

  • He's on balance.

  • And now those shots that you want him to take become high percentage shots and it's just too much on one night toe, overcome for the heat with Anthony Davis playing that well and also the role players knocking down that many threes.

  • 80 playing well and facilitating two.

  • Lakers shot five for five on 80 passes, and all of them we're from deep.

  • Meanwhile, we saw it there in the highlight injuries piling up from Miami.

  • We'll take a listen to what Jimmy Butler had to say after the game about potentially having to play without Goran drug Egx be ready to go with or without going.

  • We're still expected toe win.

  • We still know that we can.

  • Um, like I said earlier, we want that guy there with it.

  • He's a big part of what we're trying to do, but until we can have him back, we gotta go out.

  • Then we gotta fight even harder.

  • Way Gotta try toe cover up what he gives us and make up for it.

  • We're capable of it.

  • We have to be capable of it.

  • Um, moving forward with without going, you better hurry up and tied up 11 I had mentioned draggers with a planter tear in his left foot legs.

  • I know that you actually had the same injury when you were a player.

  • If drug is forced to miss any time, what does it mean for Miami's chances?

  • Yes.

  • So this is a tear similar to what I suffered back in 95.

  • You know, I was out four weeks with that.

  • Um, if this is just a strain and he's got tendonitis, you could possibly get an injection and play through it.

  • It sounds like it's more severe than that.

  • Well, now you take the brains of their operation on the court.

  • Off the floor, you take ah, guy that I think is playing the best basketball of his career.

  • Ah, guy that makes plays.

  • He makes shots and you have a team that's already not that deep.

  • You put Miami in a real dilemma.

  • Now look, Kendrick Nunn can step in there, and you saw him play well in Game one, and he's a guy that hasn't gotten a lot of run in the postseason.

  • But he's a guy that's the first team all rookie players, so he's more than capable of coming in and putting up numbers.

  • Tyler hero is gonna have to play better than he did in Game one.

  • That's who you're asking to step up and drag its absence.

  • But it's just not the same thing.

  • I think, drag its ability to run their offense, to get them into sets, to move the basketball, to make plays off pick and roll.

  • It's one of the reasons that this team is in the finals because they've got such diversity in their starting line up with the number of guys that can make plays well, you just took one potentially off the floor, maybe for the rest of the Siri's.

  • That's just gonna be too much for Miami to overcome.

  • They will compete.

  • They will battle.

  • But when you take a guy that's playing that well out of the lineup and he's that important of a position, I don't know how you're supposed to deal with that.

  • If you're Erik Spoelstra legs, I've got a stat that tells you it may not matter whether the heat or healthy or not over the last 25 postseasons, the Lakers or 29 0, when they take a 100 series, right by far the most wins without a loss in that span.

  • That's astounding.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

So 34 points for a D 15 made three pointers by, As I said, the Lakers team that was terrible from deep all season.

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