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  • Jackson is in fact still searching for his first win against the team that is over 500 this year.

  • He will get the next chance this coming weekend against the five and two Colts after struggling and the team's losses to the Chiefs and the Steelers.

  • But the other day here on this program, Jeff Saturday said 21 of the 22 Ravens played better than the Steelers did on Sunday.

  • Obviously, the Mark Jackson, the 22nd, is the most important one.

  • So, Dominique, when you hear that comment, what do you think?

  • I think Jeff Saturday is really good at TV, but that's not exactly true, like that's a That's a fun way to put it.

  • But I think the reason why they were in the game in the reason why they lost the game is Lamar Jackson.

  • And we all know that this team is built around Lamar Jackson, which includes having some big blocking type receivers like Boykin and Snead.

  • Those guys are really good at what they do in this offense, but I think it does limit the ability of the offense that have big plays and they aren't having the big plays either in the running game or the passing game that they had last year.

  • If they can find a way to do that, and I think some of that is on Lamar Jackson, absolutely.

  • There's some really awful passes and turnovers and decisions he made in that game, But he's also the reason why they were in that game.

  • I think back to when that touchdown got called back and he went back in the huddle and told those guys, Calm down, we're gonna score again And he got him in there again.

  • So it's tough to put it all on Lamar Jackson, But he certainly deserves his fair share of criticism.

  • Clearly, David was, Your perspective is, you watch that game and you watch the development of again.

  • He was the M V P and had one of the great seasons of all time last year.

  • But these questions seem to persist.

  • What do you think, David Pollock?

  • I don't agree with Saturday, either.

  • I agree more with Nick, and if you look at the offensive line by the way last year, when you watched the Baltimore Ravens, they own the line of scrimmage and now Ronnie Stanley out for the year.

  • Orlando Brown Jr banged up.

  • Uh, this isn't the same offensive line up front that they could just move people out of the way and the running game be all they need.

  • Another year of studying this system at nauseum.

  • Lamar Jackson has to get better.

  • He can't fumble the ball so much, he can't turn the football over.

  • He's got to get better and throwing the football outside the numbers.

  • By the way, those receivers Nick talked about, he was talking about bigger wide receivers blocking you notice he ain't talking about receivers catching the football.

  • He needs some.

  • Or of those two hints why Dez Bryant just got signed to the practice squad and they're still looking for guys out there.

  • So I don't think they have the best supporting cast around him.

  • And especially now, with the offensive line banged up, Lamar is gonna have to take his game to a level even better than last year if he wants to cover up some of these holes.

  • Well, so the question I guess of the moment, then Damien Woody is the same question that we had at the end of last year.

  • Can this team playing the way it plays, the style it plays in the quarterback playing the way he plays.

  • Can that team win the championship this year?

  • I think it can win the championship this year because there's no one dominant team.

  • But I you know, I think they're They're trending downward as faras, you know, percentage wise.

  • If they will win a championship, I think along the offensive line, I think you know they have lost a lot of players.

  • You know, Marshall yonder, who retired Ronnie Staley injured.

  • The running game hasn't been the same green, and it hasn't been the same.

  • And when you're not getting the running game going, guess what else the that affect that affects the play action pass.

  • So everything has a trickle down effect.

  • And I think that's why when you look at the Baltimore Ravens, even more pressures on Lamar Jackson, particularly the passing game, because they've not been able to run the ball as well as they were last year.

  • So unless Lamar Jackson gets a lot better, particularly throwing the ball outside the numbers, I think that's gonna be an impediment on the Baltimore Ravens, ultimately winning the championship.

  • Graziano what you hear from inside about the concern about all of these big games.

  • Well, look, obviously he's a young player still, and just because you win, M.

  • V.

  • P does not mean that you don't have to doom or developing of your game when you're a young player.

  • Last year, the offseason program they put in, they thought would would elevate their offense.

  • It did.

  • Lamar Jackson exceeded all possible expectations last year.

  • The stuff they tried to do this off season.

  • It hasn't quite click the way it did last year.

  • This is understandable in terms of a young players development, especially in off season.

  • That was so unusual.

  • Is this one?

  • So it's possible we're just looking at a guy who hasn't taken the step that they hoped and expected he would take This year, still has half a year to do it, and certainly more than enough talent and experience that says that he can quickly dominate championship caliber team this season.

  • Baltimore.

  • Yes or no?

  • Yeah, absolutely.

  • I think they have.

  • Ah, the defense.

  • They save a lot of money on offense.

  • They don't spend a lot on those players, including the quarterback they've invested it in that defense.

  • I think that they are legitimate championship caliber team, but obviously, they're not the favorite at this point.

  • In my view, thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

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Jackson is in fact still searching for his first win against the team that is over 500 this year.

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