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  • I told you I would give you the most disappointing player in the NFL to this point.

  • And to me, there isn't any question who it is, a t least for May over the summer.

  • I remember on get up saying in July we all did.

  • When it became clear the NFL was going to start opening the training camps and they were going to come back, we started doing NFL preview.

  • Then there were no other games going on.

  • So we were just going through all of the different things we could with the National Football League because everyone else was paused.

  • And I remember we all named who we thought was going to be the M V p.

  • Of the league.

  • And I threw the name Carson Wentz into the mix because that's the player that I really thought had turned the corner last year.

  • I thought the questions about him were about his leadership, his ability to lift everybody around him, and at the end of last year, with all the injuries the Eagles had, I really thought he did it.

  • I really thought he put that team on his back and on his shoulders and and was ready to finally transformed that extraordinary talent into the finished product that we have so long thought he could become.

  • And instead, frankly, he's been bad, flat, bad.

  • He's had a handful of decent games, but I want to read you.

  • The numbers on Carson went and compare them to a quarterback last year who through his first eight games, lost his job.

  • The numbers I'm gonna give you right now are Jamis Winston.

  • Last year versus Carson Wentz.

  • This year, through eight games each, Jamis Winston had 16 turnovers through eight games.

  • Carson Wentz has 16 turnovers.

  • Jamis Winston have been sacked 30 times.

  • Went has been sacked 32 times.

  • Winston was completing 59% of his passes.

  • Went 58.

  • Jamis Winston at a Q B r of 50.9 went 50 point to all of the numbers on Winston were slightly better.

  • Now I can already hear you yelling at me.

  • Yes, I understand Jamis Winston had a lot more talent around him.

  • We're talking about Jamis Winston.

  • The guy hasn't started a game this year.

  • He couldn't get a starting job in the National Football League off of those numbers.

  • Carson Wentz says $100 million contract and people still talk about him like he's a franchise quarterback.

  • He needs to put that team on his shoulders.

  • He's playing in the worst division ever.

  • It has been a very disappointing first half of the season for Carson Wentz.

  • We'll see if he is able to change that around.

  • By the way, I mentioned the terrible division that he's in.

  • It's a little packet of statistics that my buddy hem both through together for me and I had mentioned this yesterday, but this really puts it into context.

  • In the three games the Dallas Cowboys have played since Dak Prescott got hurt, they've had 32 offensive drives and they have scored one touchdown, one touchdown in 32 offensive drives.

  • And again, it came when they were down, 31 23 in the final three minutes of a game against Arizona.

  • They've just been horrendous, and I'm looking at my body, my body, Bubba, as I say that because Bubba is a cowboy fan and we were all just laughing during the break.

  • It's Bubba New No, and me, who are in here this today.

  • Baba is a cowboy fan knew no is a giant fan, and I'm a Jet fan.

  • Our team stink like the three of us are sitting here, and we're just bemoaning how awful you realize, Baba, that people are talking about the Cowboys, that they're the worst team ever.

  • And you have MAWR wins than New Nose Team and my team combined.

  • No, no, and I have our teams combined have won one game, at least yours.

  • I mean, at least when I'm thinking about it, it's always It's never gonna be as bad as the Giants or the Jets.

  • At least I have that going for me.

  • It's correct.

  • It is it, and it's bad.

  • I mean, it's the Cat was are awful, but it's not as bad as the Giants and the Jets.

  • Here's the thing.

  • You had expectations that people were picking the Cowboys to win the division.

  • People were picking the Cowboys to go deep in the playoffs.

  • No one thought the Giants would be any good.

  • No one thought the Jets would be any good.

  • So would you say that your level of disappointment is greater than new nose and mind?

  • Despite the fact that your team is actually marginally It's so tough to say, because once dad got hurt, I mean the whole season just when you know, went to hell.

  • So, I mean, obviously, they weren't really They weren't really playing, uh, to All right, calm down.

  • Um, they weren't really playing to well before that, but still, clearly, Deck was having a great season, So there's still some hope, But once, you know, once once you went, went down it Zo ver put that on the hashtag greenie social media feed.

  • Although we don't have one, we just use mine, which is at ESPN Greeny.

  • I'm posting that once.

  • Bubba quote.

  • Once Doc went down, the whole season went toe hell, and that's pretty much exactly right.

  • There have been 32 offensive drive since then, and they have scored one touchdown.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

I told you I would give you the most disappointing player in the NFL to this point.

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Why Carson Wentz could be the NFL's most disappointing player this season | #Greeny

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