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  • speaking of complex negotiations, the draft could turn into that as we move on here.

  • One of the most intriguing lottery talents in the N B a draft this year is Memphis center James Wiseman.

  • The Timberwolves won the number one pick in this year's draft, and 16 days from now we'll have to make a decision.

  • Well, our Brian Wynne horse told the Scoop podcast that he believes Wiseman has zero interest in joining the Wolves, where All star center Karl Anthony Town town's currently resides.

  • Perk.

  • What is your reaction Hearing?

  • Wiseman doesn't want to play for the T Wolves.

  • He shouldn't.

  • He should look.

  • Wiseman is the best big in this year's draft.

  • This kid got Superstar written all over him.

  • Minnesota Drafting Wiseman is like me gonna get a guard dog and telling them not to bark.

  • It just can't happen wherever this kid goes.

  • He's need to be let off the leash and need to be let free and go out there and do what he does best.

  • And he wouldn't be able to do that playing under All Star Center like Karl Anthony towns.

  • I think they will bump heads because they similar players so he does need to go to a team.

  • Where is his team?

  • And he's the starting center.

  • He's the big that's getting the touches.

  • He's to go through guys.

  • So I'm with him.

  • I like with him and this camp is doing.

  • They're making the best decision and calling the right shot for this kid.

  • Wiseman, I don't mind why has been expressing that opinion are making it known because, you know, sports is one of the only industries where you don't get to pick where you work.

  • Your employer picks you out of out of, you know, no choice of your own.

  • Uh, that said, I don't think Minnesota really cares.

  • I mean, the fit issues are obvious.

  • Everybody could see the towns and Wiseman played essentially the same position.

  • We all know that.

  • But Minnesota still said, I think they'll explore and have already explored trading that pick for veterans trading down, seeing what they can get.

  • And it doesn't really matter if Wiseman doesn't want to go to them.

  • If another team below Minnesota really, really, really wants Wiseman and Minnesota has the power to take him ahead of that team, they still have the same amount of leverage, so I don't really think it will affect their thought process on the draft.

  • Zach, How did teams near the top of the draft feel overall about the top prospects?

  • The Wiseman's, the Lemelle?

  • Oh, balls, the Anthony Edwards etcetera.

  • Well, you just hear the same thing over and over again, which is this is just one of those years where there's not a guy.

  • There's not a surefire number one superstar, eight time all star.

  • Whatever you think of whatever you conceive of it as, and that's fine, that's one of those years.

  • But I have had several people tell May, even if even if that's true, all three of those guys their top five or top six picks in a normal draft, they're really good players.

  • And so, yeah, I think there will be some jockeying.

  • I think there will be some interest.

  • Some teams covered balls.

  • Some teams covered Wiseman.

  • I think their their teams are excited about these guys.

  • Even if there's no Zion or LeBron or a D perk.

  • How do you feel about those young men?

  • I don't know if you've seen any of them.

  • I know Anthony Edwards, specifically just had a workout of pro day on ESPN two.

  • Have you got a chance to see any of them?

  • And do you believe any of them are going to be franchise type players?

  • Well, I know right now, Anthony, it was is a franchise guy.

  • We're talking about a guy that has the athleticism of Russell Westbrook and a smaller offensive package in James Harden.

  • This guy is the NBA bucket right now.

  • And any team that pass on him, that's the number one pick.

  • They are tripping.

  • I'm telling you this right now, this kid is ready.

  • He has superstar written all over him.

  • I know I keep saying that, but he does.

  • He has a leak.

  • Talent, great bill.

  • Great athleticism.

  • He's eh, NBA ready.

  • Somebody better draft this kid number one.

  • I tell you that much.

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speaking of complex negotiations, the draft could turn into that as we move on here.

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