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  • you can use the years fan.

  • Oh, uh, Shaka is a Chinese blogger friend, Yunnan.

  • She's known for her student cooking videos, which are all films in the countryside, and we gotta hang out with her for a whole week.

  • In our last episode, we made two dishes with salt and goose.

  • Today she's going to take us out to forage.

  • Max, that's Yunnan is one of China's most diverse provinces.

  • In terms of plants, it only takes up 4% of the country's landmass.

  • But it's home to 52% of China's plant species, many people in rural parts of China forging the wild for food.

  • But the western part of Yunnan, which has a mild subtropical climate, is especially rich and edible wild plants and fungi on when it comes to identifying them.

  • Dench Shocker is a natural showman Uh, a that you got years ago now and go Wow a A today she's looking for a specific plant called Sway Shanghai Sasha judges here.

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  • Uh, show me who you don't drop.

  • Uh huh.

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  • Yeah.

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  • You okay?

  • How now, Monsieur Le, Let's have you on the on the defense.

  • Uh huh.

  • And then it's back to the kitchen where she perhaps two dishes with the forged greens.

  • First step is a suit.

  • She seasons the walk with large, scramble some eggs and adds in a bit of water and then the forge greens.

  • The second dish is a salad.

  • The leaves are washed and then dressed with a spicy fermented soybean paste.

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  • John Calhoun Bien Chung Yang Yin yin and Yang Dong Sshi.

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  • You could happen, actually, uh, a hotelier tithe ammunition that pays a good, uh, waiting You just mentioned should a job.

  • Yeah, she will be.

  • What's really cool about these two dishes is that it's the same vegetable, but it tastes completely different whether it's fresh or so.

  • This salad is, um, country fresh and has a bit of saltiness, and it's quite spicy and you can really taste the fragrance.

  • Whereas in the egg soup, you can't really, um, taste the fragrance anymore.

  • But it's more salting.

  • It takes on the flavor of the egg.

  • Both are delicious, and it's amazing how different they are.

  • Of course, for Shaka, this wild plant is just one of many that can be picked.

  • E wow e so bizarre.

  • Shoshi, you have a daughter?

  • Uh, maybe you don't know without, uh maybe a high.

  • More good years, huh, Jim?

  • Hello, Monica.

  • Beyond Hanjin Yoda.

  • Up next, we're going to revisit a fan.

  • Favorite king.

  • She shall go.

  • Will be recreating her home made hamburger for us.

you can use the years fan.

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Dianxi Xiaoge Teaches Us How to Forage for Wild Greens (At Home With DXXG - E5)

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