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  • Patrick Mahomes is back in the M V P race and because he has set standards for himself, that air so unimaginably high, we sort of take for granted some of the things that he does but go through the numbers that he's on pace for again.

  • Yeah, he kind of walked himself back into the M V P conversation like you said Green.

  • So he's eight games into this season.

  • And if he continues to keep going and then his back eight, like he did his first day, he's gonna throw for 4600 yards, 42 touchdowns in two interceptions.

  • Like if he does that, it's gonna be impossible not to give him the M V P.

  • It's gonna be impossible that a guy that can have that form of production both yardage and attempt touchdown wise and never give the ball to the other team.

  • It will be impossible for him to not take home another M V P Trophy.

  • I agree with that.

  • There'd be no way to argue against the numbers anyway, and we'll see what the Steelers don't have.

  • A player who jumps out to you.

  • Ben isn't having the kind of season that screams M V P Award.

  • So the Steelers would be the only team you would think might have ah, comparable record very quickly just because, you know it's of interest to me.

  • And I know it's of interest to you.

  • I know you are a Sam Donald fan.

  • As you watched that game yesterday, you can't help.

  • But, you know, you see what Holmes is doing under the best of circumstances, and you see Donald, who has been under the worst of circumstances, it would appear that what's gonna happen is this.

  • The Jets are going to finish with the worst record in the league and they're going to draft Trevor Lawrence.

  • What is gonna happen to Donald?

  • What?

  • What?

  • What do you believe he is salvageable a some team going to get him in a trade for I don't know, a third round pick or something like that and wind up turning him into the great quarterback that I firmly believe he had the opportunity to be 100% salvageable.

  • I think that this will be the best thing that could have ever happened in his pro career.

  • To Sam Donald.

  • Um, it will be one of the things that I pay attention to the most.

  • Once the day the season ends that day, I will be paying attention the most.

  • I do not think there's any chance he goes for a third round pick.

  • We just saw Jamal Adams get trade for two first round picks.

  • We I mean, this is a kid that was the third pick of the draft two years ago and has, like, has had moments in the NFL.

  • Where you go?

  • Yeah, that that that's what it looks like.

  • I can already tell you teams that I think we're gonna be interested.

  • I think the Colts are gonna be interested.

  • I think the Steelers, they're gonna be interested.

  • I think the San Francisco 40 Niners, they're gonna be interested.

  • All those teams that we go, you know, it might be picking somewhere in the twenties.

  • You're gonna go into the draft and go wait.

  • Those three quarterbacks with Fields, Lawrence and Lance are gone.

  • And if I want a quarterback, I can trade my back in the back half of my first round pick and get Sam Donald And I've already got a really healthy football team around me and Sam Donald, I'm telling you, I'm not a gambling man, But if I was, I put a lot of money on it.

  • I guarantee Sam Donald will become a really, really, really, really good NFL quarterback somewhere outside of New York.

  • See, I know you believe that and you know I believe it, too.

  • But, you know, there are people who are laughing at us as we're saying this, people who have absolutely given up on him and and and do not see him as that guy anymore.

  • What do you say to them?

  • I can understand that.

  • But my job isn't to try to appease everybody.

  • And my job isn't to try toe like go with the masses, if that's what where, where it's going.

  • I have this job greeny because I watched the tape and I trust my eyes.

  • And if I stop doing that, then then I become just like everybody else.

  • So I've got to trust my eyes.

  • I've got to be courageous in my convictions.

  • I've got to be willing to say the things that I believe and I don't care if people agree with me.

  • I've got to trust what my eyes tell me and so, um, people can laugh, and I understand that they would.

  • But that's not going away for me.

  • From my thinking on I I happen to agree, which should probably be the only thing that makes you question your certainty.

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Patrick Mahomes is back in the M V P race and because he has set standards for himself, that air so unimaginably high, we sort of take for granted some of the things that he does but go through the numbers that he's on pace for again.

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Patrick Mahomes has walked himself back into the MVP conversation - Dan Orlovsky | #Greeny

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