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  • I had this dream since I was six years old, and I just remember helping Mom and my grandmother cooked every Sunday for a while.

  • The family coming over, I just loved it.

  • So one day I said to my mom, I wanna have a cake shop.

  • My name is Gabriella and I'm the founder of Bike Alicia's by Gabriela.

  • I resigned from my full time job.

  • I was working in quality assurance.

  • I was very scared because I knew that I basically had to tell people about my case.

  • Andi, I had to make an income from it.

  • It's very hard because you don't know how many cakes you know I'm gonna sell every week.

  • I'm still working from home, so it gets quite lonely.

  • I applied for the news program in December last year.

  • I think it waas One of the two best aspects of it is the fact that you get a business coach.

  • So, yeah, he always gives me good ideas of how I can market my brother product without spending money on day, call you on a monthly basis and check up on you to see how you going.

  • What challenges you might have Actually, another great thing is that you made a lot of entrepreneurs that are going through the same process.

  • It's just nice to be with like minded people.

  • You really just need Thio, sit down and have that business goal in your head.

  • It's like customers like like my family, you know, they come and hug me like, Oh, your cake is amazing.

  • That's my greatest passion to make them happy.

  • You can either not not take the jump because you're too afraid and then regret it 10 years down the track or you can take the jump.

  • Even if things don't work out, at least you tried.

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  • It's not boring like no dad he's ever like.

  • You know, another day.

  • You just don't know what's gonna happen.

  • Faking is not easy, but I love it.

  • My passion.


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Taking a leap of faith Gabriela whipped her dream up into a thriving cake business

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/07
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