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  • guys.

  • When you think often Arab like me, you think off camels, you think off oil.

  • You think off desert on It makes sense.

  • This is all we see from this part of the world.

  • We see the old way, see the bad stuff.

  • But what about the good stuff?

  • To answer that question, I went to visit the United Arab Emirates in person.

  • And what I saw there will make you think twice about the desert.

  • For example, take their hope.

  • Mission.

  • It's a new mission developed by Arabs for the first time ever to reach Mars.

  • Yes, people in the Middle East are going to Mars, and I bet you didn't know about that.

  • This is a probe that will study whether on Mars and help us understand it better.

  • And it's launching now.

  • Next week, Hope Mission is going toe lift off despite Cove in 19.

  • And when it succeeds, it will be history in the making because it will change the way we look at people from the desert.

  • 400 people from around the world built this spacecraft and 200 off them are Arabs on 34% of them our woman and they were hired because they were women, but because they earned it, this hope will not on Lee reach Mars, it will reach the hearts off kids.

  • Kids in this part of the world need the inspiration.

  • They need to look at scientists who are building cool stuff to send too far away lands.

  • The point of this is not to reach space, but to inspire Arab youth and to send a message off hope toe all Arabs.

  • I hope it does, because, honestly, we need it.

  • Thousands off years ago, my people where they inventors, we invented algebra.

  • We discovered stars.

  • We started universities.

  • But at some point all of that stopped and we became known for what is bad in the world war poverty problems.

  • That's why everyone should know about Hope.

  • Mission.

  • It's the story of how Bedouins went from the desert to orbit Mars in less than 48 years.

  • It's turning the impossible.

  • Two possible.

  • So the nice thing about science and science missions is the fact that it's beyond just the national identity off a nation.

  • It's about being the citizen off earth.

  • When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut, but Then someone said, Space doesn't belong to your race and to that person, I have a new answer.

  • Space belongs to my race and your race.

  • When we focus on science, we can make Earth better and reach Mars together.

  • E yeah, before you go.

  • One last thing.

  • That video you just saw I made using this camera and this microphone.

  • But for the first time ever, I'm ditching my camera and I'm picking up my podcasting equipment because, yes, I'm starting a podcast.

  • It's called Mass talks.

  • It's free and it's on Lee on Spotify.

  • And if you liked that video, I think you're gonna love the podcast because I just wanted to make a podcast about things that I would listen to about topics that I want to listen to, for example, so that's the beautiful relationship, I think, just to establish this right we were this was never meant to happen.

  • For you to come to my village was a big, big deal.

  • That's a huge deal.

  • Okay, Fellow non Arabs and Jews that are listening for a Arab to invite a Jew to an Arab village period is weird and then to do it during Ramadan is weird.

  • And then another layer dude on the Internet that I've never met before.

  • It's a recipe for disaster in Israel, not stocks is 100% honest and raw and deep.

  • And by the way, it's 100% free.

  • So keep your money and give me your ears.

  • Because if you like this video, I think you're gonna love this podcast.

  • See you on Spotify.


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