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  • 200 if there's such a thing as a game in which the quarterback almost really didn't matter, that was the game they played last week against the Rams, which I guess is a nice way to make your debut and get your feet wet.

  • Assuming that that is not the circumstance this week, what do you want to see from to, uh, I want to it to give me the feeling that collar Murray gave me through half of a season last year.

  • At this time last year when we were looking at collar Murray, we said that dude, is it that dude has it.

  • This is the person they're gonna build their organization around.

  • That's what I want to see from to a ton of our lower going forward.

  • I'm not saying he has to win every game or even carry this team on his back, but it has to be Mawr, then flashes.

  • It has to be things that are substantial that we felt like, You know what, this is the dude we thought coming into last year would be the number one overall pick.

  • This is the dude we felt like the Miami Dolphins were tanking for and obviously you couldn't see that in week one, but it doesn't mean he doesn't have it.

  • We just have to see it come through on the field.

  • We know that this defense is really good.

  • We know that they're extremely well coached to or talk about.

  • Lowell was supposed to take over because his ceiling was higher than Ryan.

  • Fitzpatrick will show us that this week.

  • Show us that next week, and this is a great time to start against a young quarterback who is everything that people are thinking you can be.

  • This is an opportunity for two or talking about lower to come out with a football game against a good team, but also show that he's the guy to build around in Miami.

  • Yeah, Mark, you cover the college game for us as well.

  • So, obviously, all through his spectacular seasons at Alabama, you've seen it all.

  • What is it you expect him to do?

  • Well, what do you want to see from him?

  • And what do you expect him to do?

  • Well, Sunday E love what we saw on the goal line last week.

  • His anticipation.

  • He felt the all out pressure, so he's seeing it.

  • He's processing it and his body is reacting.

  • That's what Coach Sarkeesian said was one of his best traits.

  • There's guys who are physically twitchy right there, fast twitch there so quick that can stop on a dime and restart again.

  • He has that mentally, and for a quarterback, that's what you want.

  • That's when you know you're gonna get a player who can process the information quickly enough and then go make it happen.

  • Physically, he has all the tools.

  • I think last week was just a little bit of a warm up for him, and this is gonna be his week to shine again.

  • It was such a strange game last week.

  • They scored on special teams and defense and and before you even turned around, that game was over and he didn't have to do a whole lot.

  • So, Rob, if you're playing defense against the guy was playing his second game in the NFL, what's your thoughts?

  • We gotta keep scoring because, look, when you look at the stat line there, 93 yards and a touchdown is not gonna cut it, so you're gonna have to score on defense.

  • You're gonna have to score on kickoff return.

  • Punt return?

  • Um, he's gonna have to be better.

  • We'll have to see Mawr out of two if we expect him to be the quarterback that we all want him to be.

  • I mean, listen, when you talk about rookie quarterback Justin Herbert when he came in for the first game against Kansas City on, like, literally 30 minutes notice like, Hey, you're starting You went out there through for over 300 yards.

  • So I think that he needs to do a lot Mawr ous faras a passer to convince me that he's gonna be the future of that division of that team.

  • Well, I mean, it's a good point, and Herbert has been so good, and Borough has been so good that it sort of does set a bar fairly high.

  • Do you expect that our seat.

  • Do you expect him to play big?

  • Expect the Dolphins to win?

  • No, I don't.

  • I think the Cardinals will win, and I think that to a tongue about Lois.

  • Lack of efficiency or not.

  • If it's the lack of production will be a part of that.

  • Them not putting the offense in his hands, giving him the range to play against the Arizona Cardinals defense.

  • That actually isn't very good.

  • I still think the Cardinals win, I think two or talking about lowest.

  • Um, not just in experience is a part of that.

  • And so will be still looking form or from him in weeks to come, because I don't think they give him full range this week.

  • Last time to a played collar, it was in the national College Football playoff semifinals.

  • Alabama beating Oklahoma.

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200 if there's such a thing as a game in which the quarterback almost really didn't matter, that was the game they played last week against the Rams, which I guess is a nice way to make your debut and get your feet wet.

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