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  • Board of Governors and Players Association could hold separate meetings today expected to culminate with an agreement on starting the upcoming season December 22nd and player reduced 72.

  • Game Schedule Players Association is planning to take Ah, former vote of team player representatives late today, and sources told ESPN that everything is progressing toward an agreement on a pre Christmas starts to the season.

  • So now we wait and wonder.

  • Pleased to welcome in R N b A senior writers at Club Jack.

  • What is the latest on where the negotiations stand between players and the league on when the season will start?

  • Well, you guys said it.

  • There's a Board of Governors meeting that is either happening now or about to conclude.

  • And the players, they're gonna have the representatives tonight.

  • All I've heard in the last 24 hours is optimism or resignation if you didn't want it to start on December 22nd, but optimism that we are going to get this deal done and that this season will start on the calendar that the league prefers is that we have heard from some of the players, including Danny Green, saying if the season does start in December, He won't be there, and he wouldn't expect LeBron to be there for the first month.

  • What are you hearing about potential holdouts?

  • League wide?

  • Well, there's there and there's there, right?

  • So I think everybody will be there.

  • Everybody will do.

  • It is required to get their paychecks and not cause any ruffles.

  • But I do think we will see some load management.

  • We'll see some guys sit out.

  • We'll see some minutes restrictions.

  • And by the way, if you just played into the finals like the Lakers did in the heated Yeah, by all means.

  • You're LeBron your third all minutes.

  • Take a bunch of games off.

  • But people are gonna show up and people are gonna do what is the minimum required, at least just to get the games going?

  • I don't I don't see anyone actually staying home away from games you're talking about.

  • A finals that ended typically right around with the regular season would begin.

  • And that just gives you a couple of weeks off a couple of months off.

  • Before we would resume this upcoming season, one of the biggest story lines is gonna be Buck Superstar Yanis on it a coop.

  • Oh, and whether he signs that five year Supermax extension, what are you hearing about the likelihood of this happening?

  • Well, the bucks, they're gonna offer it to him.

  • The 1st, 2nd and free agent starts out would assume, and there are people within the Bucks who are actually surprisingly optimistic that he will sign it.

  • I don't share that level of optimism.

  • I have not heard really anything that makes me think it's likely he's going to sign it.

  • At the very least, he's going toe.

  • Want to see how they region require a couple more pieces?

  • Can they reshape some things that makes them more playoff ready?

  • Because, remember, this is two straight years where they have sort of fallen short of hopes in the playoffs and including this year in a really disappointed way.

  • So at the very least, he's gonna wait and see what they do.

  • If I had to bet, I've already said this and written it.

  • If I had to bet, I say he doesn't sign it, and he goes into the season with the uncertainty hovering over the team.

  • Now you can build with the honest, but you've gotta build around the honest and, like you said, you wrote about it.

  • Check it out right now.

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Board of Governors and Players Association could hold separate meetings today expected to culminate with an agreement on starting the upcoming season December 22nd and player reduced 72.

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