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  • [door opening]

  • [exhales]

  • Francis, there is an Englishman waiting for you.

  • These tables are no good.

  • No good at all.

  • He is from the Hudson Bay Company.

  • I gave Lafarge exact measurements.

  • A table that will not tilt or list.

  • That is all I ask for, a proper table, but this--

  • We will deal with the table at the proper time.

  • There is a man. He is wanting--

  • I said not now, Mathilde.

  • You have ruined my refinement.

  • Now what will we do?

  • We don't have money for these refinements, Francis!

  • It is the floor that is tilt, not the table.

  • I advised against green wood planks,

  • but did you heed my advice?

  • No.

  • Everything here is poor and broken and made wrong.

  • Even this.

  • It is no use.

  • These are unrefined tables to serve unrefined food

  • for unrefined men.

  • That is our business, Francis.

  • [footsteps approaching]

  • A minute is a minute, not five.

  • My apologies.

  • My husband and I were just--

  • Discussing refinements.

  • After a room?

  • HAMISH: Aye.

  • Two, actually.

  • He is my equal and will be treated as such.

  • I have the other guests to consider.

  • I wish to be civil in all enterprises,

  • but I will not be denied a proper room for my co-equal,

  • Yvon.

  • Though he can speak for himself.

  • YVON: Aye.

  • He is deadly with that book.

  • I am not his equal in that.

  • My apologies.

  • We will ready the rooms.

  • Thank you.

  • Mathilde Geffard.

  • Aye, Mathilde.

  • I wish to know about a recent guest in your inn.

  • My husband keeps very careful records of all the guests.

  • HAMISH: Well, then.

  • I am looking for a Mr. Randall Cross.

  • That name is not familiar to me.

  • HAMISH: He was an agent for the Hudson Bay Company.

  • His correspondence indicate that he was a guest at your inn.

  • He describes the food as adequate,

  • though he did have a few words of praise for the prune tart.

  • Exceptional, he wrote.

  • It can be, on occasion.

  • We would like to see the room Mr. Cross stayed in.

  • Well, first I must check to see if he was a guest.

  • Francis--

  • Stay out of this.

  • Aye, Mr. Cross was a guest.

  • He stayed in the Rose Suite.

  • He left us some time ago.

  • I just wanted to make sure before--

  • I am sure.

  • These men do not have time for games, Francis.

[door opening]

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A Visit From The Hudson Bay Company | Barkskins

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