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  • mhm.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • Jennifer from Charles Speech with your pronunciation question.

  • Our question today is how do I say precedent, which is an example, and president, which is a leader.

  • So here are two words.

  • Precedent and President.

  • So both of these words air going toe have three syllables.

  • The middle syllable is going to be the Schwab the, uh, and the ending syllable done.

  • It will be exactly the same.

  • These words also both began with the press and those air exactly the same.

  • The difference is this S and Z, which is voiced.

  • That is the main difference in these two words.

  • Just one little sound.

  • So to say, precedent, what you're going to do is you're going to start with that p r per per and to do this, get your lips ready for that are sound and your tongue is either going to be pointed down or flipped back for that.

  • Are you going to be ready for the are when you get your lips together for the P sound, right.

  • So her per you can see my lips are a little tenser and a little square.

  • When I start that peace sound Typically, I would just say but I'm going to have my lips together for that are sound so that he don't add a sound between those two.

  • Sounds her per then I'm going to move to that short sound.

  • To do that, your mouth is going to be open and tongue is about middle of the mouth.

  • And then we're gonna add the S to do this.

  • The tip of the tongue pointed down to the bottom of the mouth, and the voice box is not on the air is going to be moving out of our mouth.

  • Press, press.

  • Now, if you are saying President all you're going to Dio instead of having the voice box off here, you're going to turn the voice box on and it is going to move and vibrate.

  • Mm, It's the only difference.

  • So we have press and praise Press Prez.

  • Some people will say that the vowel sounds a little bit stronger and that is true because of that, voicing that he is going to be a little tiny bit longer.

  • Then we're going to move to the short sound, relaxed mouth and then end with don't to do this touch the tip of the tongue to the back of the top.

  • Front teeth.

  • Super short sound again.

  • Put the tongue back to the back of the top.

  • Front teeth, air moves out of your nose for the and then we're gonna pull the tongue down for the teeth.

  • Presser don't President precedent.

  • Precedent.

  • President, President, President Precedent, President.

  • And now for a sentence.

  • The Council president likes to use precedent when making decisions.

  • So give it a try.

  • People are going to notice the difference.

  • But you found this helpful.

  • Please share this with a friend and give us a like Don't forget to check out all of our products and course options and you can find those all at Tarell speech.

  • Thanks, Everyone have a great week.


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How to Pronounce PRECEDENT & PRESIDENT - American English Pronunciation Lesson

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