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  • tell me about the current culture we're seeing of kind of the woke nous, the left.

  • We're seeing a lot America teams to embody it.

  • And I'm looking at a country I used to live in, and it's hard to even fathom what's going on there.

  • I used to live in California.

  • I used to live in New York City and Wall Street, and, you know, we're seeing like I said, this weakness, almost this Marxist revival.

  • And how do you see that affecting some of the things we're talking about today, which is the family and religion?

  • And are they two different things?

  • Are they in opposition?

  • What are your thoughts?

  • I would say yes, they are on.

  • They are in opposition.

  • I would say you could describe what's happening today is sort of cultural Marxism.

  • I think one of them marks of Marxism is have you know life is a continuous conflict.

  • There is always a conflict between thieve victim Andrei, the oppressors, Andi.

  • It's a simple Aziz that Andi, but what it does is, it narrows.

  • It narrows down the field of off freedom, actually, freedom of what you're thinking freedom of of what you're saying, eso it becomes very bland.

  • It becomes, um uh, yeah, workers, you say.

  • And you got no platform, etcetera.

  • You were getting his very narrowing down is to what human life is.

  • Of course, you've got the sort of animal farm or 1984 A lot of these sort of things were, Well, who who decides?

  • And you've got this idea of sort of, um, purist thinking, you know, there are those who have purist thinking, and everybody else has to learn about it.

  • So there's a dictatorship off the purest thinkers.

  • I think it's actually, you know, I've come conclusion that the the main enemy off this is actually Christianity.

  • Because where where I was talking about before that freedom you that you get, we aren't called to judge.

  • Actually, we aren't called toe wag our finger at the world.

  • Jesus didn't wag his finger at the world.

  • Paul didn't Paul said we should behave like this.

  • We should care for one another.

  • We should, you know, kind of we should build each other up, etcetera, and other people will see us and want want to join us.

  • He didn't wag his finger at at at the Greeks and said.

  • You know, you shouldn't have slavery or you shouldn't have homosexuality or you shouldn't do any of these.

  • He he never did anything of that.

  • So Christians aren't called to do that.

  • I think once one accepts the world is that the world is, which is what Genesis three says.

  • All right, so but just we should be light and salt.

  • We have that freedom, that wonderful diversity, that is creation of the human race, the human character, the human gifts and coming back to debate about the House of Lords.

  • You know, instead of being shut down the debate e I mean, I was I was I was the main opposition, actually, in the House of Lords stood the divorce dissolution separation bill, which was no fault.

  • Divorce in In.

  • In other words, on three main review which the government was basing this law on have been produced, actually by Exeter University.

  • But it was very much, you know, we should have no fault divorce.

  • We should reduces conflict at the time.

  • And that's something.

  • So you had a lot of the lawyers and the judges allow for it.

  • I mean, I was very much, um, alone in a way.

  • There were a few friends on my bench is on board when I was speaking because they knew I was going to oppose it.

  • When I was speaking in the second reading about this, the actual main writer of off the review was blogging.

  • We can't let this bill be hijacked.

  • We can't let this debate hijacked by a right wing Christian evangelical on you.

  • That was me.

  • Well, it was obvious there was nobody else, Andi.

  • I mean, interesting thing is, would that have been written if I had been a Muslim, or would that have been written if I've been a Jew?

  • It was It was actually written because Christians are soft.

  • They're an easy target.

  • Actually, I quoted that back in the, uh, report stage.

  • I think off the bill.

  • I said, You know, while I was speaking, this was being written and I said, I'm not trying to hijack a debate.

  • I'm tryingto have a debate instead of it just being closed down.

  • And that's what the woke.

  • It just closes down debate, which is a very bad thing for the human race.

  • It just gets riddle that diversity, that richness, that actually Christianity and its exploration.

  • Discovery of what?

  • The Lord, I mean, did the Lord No.

  • The Internet was there before handed.

  • Of course he did.

  • Very thankful that we we discovered it.

  • We discover things like Zoom, but before covert hit us all because Because that made a good deal of difference.

  • But, you know, it just closes thes things down.

  • Why?

  • Why?

  • What?

  • What, What?

  • Why don't you want struck my wife?

  • Uh huh.

tell me about the current culture we're seeing of kind of the woke nous, the left.

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CULTURAL MARXISM: Why Christians Are An Easy Target For The Woke Movement - Lord Michael Farmer

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