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  • Detroit, Boston.

  • I don't care.

  • Hell, you've got 2000 people marching up in Harlem.

  • Well, good for you.

  • But when you have people come inside the white House inside the White House on a tour they just sat down, Martin.

  • They sat down in the main corridor, started singing and shouting.

  • Well, I won't have it.

  • Cannot stop people from expression.

  • You can't stop them.

  • No, you could stop it.

  • You, sir, can do more.

  • I'm glad to hear that you called Reverend Reeb's widow.

  • Sir.

  • That is very fine.

  • And it is right.

  • I only wish that Jimmie Lee Jackson's family would have received the same consideration from their president.

  • You lay your guilt at my door.

  • You're the one choosing to send people out to slaughter.

  • When we told you there was trouble, we won't sit idle while you wait another year or two to send this bill up at your leisure.

  • That should be clear by now.

  • We will continue to demonstrate until you take action, sir.

  • And if our president won't protect our rights, we will take this fight to court.

  • You know, I'm I'm trying here.

  • We're getting close to figuring something out on this voting thing.

  • But I will not have this.

  • This bill has been almost impossible to craft.

  • You hear me?

  • You think you're juggling Martin?

  • I'm juggling, too.

  • I am a preacher from Atlanta.

  • You are the man who won the presidency of the world's most powerful nation by the greatest landslide in history four months ago.

  • And you are the man dismantling your own legacy.

  • With each passing day, no one will remember the Civil Rights Act.

  • But they will remember the standoff.

  • In summer, when you never even set foot in this state, they will remember you saying Wait on.

  • I I can't unless you act, sir.

  • You see?

Detroit, Boston.

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